‘Felicity’ Trivia: NoelCrane.com Is Still Up And Running


Felicity will always be a favorite of mine, and another television series that will forever remind me of that green frog singing about The WB. The beloved college series starring Keri Russell, Scott Speedman and Scott Foley that ran from 1998-2002 included a fantastic cast, a great love triangle, and a haircut that will go down in TV history. But besides watching the series on Netflix, or buying the box sets on Amazon, another way to reminisce about the Felicity, Ben and Noel days is to just log on to Noel’s old website. Yep, the website that Noel Crane couldn’t stop talking about year after year is actually a real website, and it’s still up and running.

The site, where we will of course always pretend that Noel is an actual person, looks like a 1998 layout, or maybe even something from the future. It still includes categories like intro, mission, portfolio, and home, and even has some writings talking about other characters like Noel’s once wife Natalie.

Of course we’d love a response in the feedback section, but we aren’t filming a docuventary so that’ll probably never happen. “So you want to send me spam. Yeah. I don’t think so,” it reads. Oh, Noel. How I miss your wit and charm.

Check out NoelCrane.com here.


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