‘Go On’ Details: Matthew Perry Reveals His Guest Star Wish List


Go On has officially been picked up for a full-season, which gives Matthew Perry a better shot at checking off his guest stars bucket list. The Friends alum revealed during a conference call who he would love to have on the NBC show, and some of his choices may surprise you.

“We had asked – Wayne Gretzky, I’d love to have on the show at some point,” he revealed. “My favorite athlete of all time I was lucky enough to have on Mr. Sunshine but maybe we can have him come back on Go On too, which – who is Jimmy Connors. So, I guess my hope is that we get Jimmy Connors to come back and work with me again, which would be a dream come true.”

But, who’s the most shocking guest star that could be making an appearance sometime in the future? Get ready ladies, because it’s your favorite H&M model. “We’ve talked to David Beckham and he said that he would do it, so that was very exciting,” Perry added.

What could the soccer player end up portraying anyways? Would he seriously be a guy in counseling upset that his abs could be better? That’s highly doubtful, but here’s to hoping that if and when he shows up, his shirt will be off the entire time.


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