Best 3 TV Love Triangles Of All-Time


No matter what age, viewers love triangles. Since the Beverly Hills 90210 days, and Zack fighting over Kelly with Slater, the love triangle has made series what they are. Think about it: Though it may seem like it would get dull, the idea of who a person will choose and the back-and-forth decisions can go on for years. Audiences rarely get sick of them because they will stick around until the very last series finale to see who gets chosen. But even though Kelly, Brenda and Dylan and Saved by the Bell may seem like the very first, doesn’t mean that they are considered the top three love triangles of all time.

The greatest love triangle relationships are when the entire series is consumed by it. Out of every storyline, out of every personality, these three characters are the most important and at the end of every episode that’s what fans of the show really go back to. Grey’s Anatomy had a shocking start to a triangle with Meredith, Derek, and Addison, but it quickly diminished. Eric, Sookie, and Bill on True Blood is sexy and raw, but it’s actually been refreshing seeing Sookie be single for once. Will, Alicia, and Peter on The Good Wife are part of one of the best current triangles, but it’s been put on the backburner for a while now. And as for Finn, Rachel and Quinn, well, that’s been over since even before graduation.

So, that’s why the top three love triangles of all-time goes to Felicity, Dawson’s Creek, and The Vampire Diaries. Clearly, the WB, now The CW, knows what its doing over there. (And look out. HUGE spoilers below on who gets chosen.)

1. Felicity

From day one Felicity’s love for Ben was obvious when she decided to travel all the way to a New York college to be closer to him, and her R.A. Noel being right down the hall hinted at a future relationship. Felicity was back-and-forth with these two for four seasons. First Noel, then choosing Ben for a summer trip, and repeat. The one she ultimately decides on makes sense with the series, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Or maybe we do. Ugh, both of these characters were just too good to make a decision on.

2. Dawson’s Creek

Doesn’t matter if you were a Dawson or Pacey fan, this should have been an obvious one. Sure, that doesn’t mean we still didn’t all get together to watch the big finale in anticipation still, but if Joey hadn’t chosen the guy who bought her a wall than there would have been more of an uproar than the other way around.

3. The Vampire Diaries

It may seem a little premature calling the Stefan, Damon, and Elena triangle one of the greatest of all-time, but there’s nicknames like Delena and Stelena for a reason. This one is killing us. What brother will she choose? How long will this go on for? There’s so many twists and reasons why she would choose one over the other and we love it. But the only thing that’s truly certain is that there will be a lot of tears in the series finale no matter what she decides.


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