5 Surprising TV Show Cancellations


There have been several cancellations so far for some new television shows, with some axes more surprising than others. While we can’t help but be excited for shows getting a full-season pickup likeNashville and Arrow, we can’t help but also feel bad for other series like 666 Park Avenue and Political Animals. Some shows just didn’t seem to get the time they needed to develop a larger fan base, and that’s just frustrating.

Check out the 5 shows that we were surprised to see get cancelled:

 1. 666 Park Avenue

This is probably the biggest disappointment of them all. The ABC series 666 Park Avenue had a completely unique storyline, and had great leads in Rachael Taylor and Brothers and Sisters alum Dave Annable. It had a great time slot on Sunday, and was placed on the correct network. So, what happened? It just wasn’t given a chance. The cut was just as surprising as the twists the Drake offered to viewers.


2. Last Resort

Some related it to J.J. Abrams’ Lost at first, but unfortunately Abrams’ old Felicity pal Scott Speedman didn’t make the cut this time. Just like 666, the ABC series that was cancelled on the same day wasn’t given enough time. The concept was great, the fans seemed to love it, and hello—Scott Speedman starred in it. There may have been too many dramas out at the same time, but this was one that should have been saved.


3. Political Animals

This comes as one of the biggest shockers because to put it simply, it’s a USA Network show. Political Animals starring Sigourney Weaver was probably one of the best shows the network has done in years. Of course there’s Suits and White Collar, but freshman series had a completely unique was of filming, and had a juicy storyline that could have lasted for several seasons. Were people seriously that sick of hearing about the real election that they couldn’t fathom dealing with a political drama at the same time? The cancellation makes absolutely no sense.


4. Partners

Okay, so the cancellation of this CBS comedy came as a semi-surprise. Were we kind of okay with the decision compared to others? Yes. Did the original idea of the show have potential? Yes. The show was put on the right network and right time slot, but unfortunately the material just didn’t seem to grab audiences. It’s a shame too, because the casting was decent. Let’s just hope that Sophia Bush makes her way to our television screens again in the near future.


5. Jersey Shore

So, we all knew that Snooki’s baby would hit a snag with the MTV series, but fans were never really certain that the current season would be the very last year. The last time a little meatball would get arrested, and the last time the guys would get filmed while heading out for their GTL afternoon. It seemed like MTV could have kept it going for a bit longer, or maybe even scouted out for more tan people. But in the end, the network made the right decision. The cancellation with the originals seemed the most fitting.

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