Interview: Rachael Taylor Looks Back On Her Acting Start, Foreshadows What May Be Next After ‘666 Park Avenue’


If there’s one cancellation to be most upset about this season, it’s most definitely the one of ABC’s 666 Park Avenue. The news of the Drake officially closing its doors came as a surprise Friday, but ABC confirmed that the series would be airing all 13 episodes. The actors still have two more episodes to film, but we’re sure to see more of Rachael Taylor once it ends. She recently spoke to me about getting into the business, her (surprise!) Australian accent, and what other projects she may work on in the future.

“I’ve always been drawn to movies and television as a person, but I feel like I also kind of got lucky – I moved to the city when I was 16 – this was in Australia – just because I lived in a really small town and I kind of wanted to try my hand at life in the big world,” Taylor explains of her start in performing. “Acting was the same world as anything else, but I found it the easiest, in a way. Not easiest in terms of the work, but just it was the thing that got me working as a young person. It’s the path that I stayed on. I never really had much of a plan, and I still kind of don’t. It’s something that inspires me and challenges me. I would describe myself as a reasonably pragmatic, sensible person, and it kind of gives me a place to use my imagination and ask myself questions about my own emotional state, which is kind of why I like doing it so much.”

Playing Jane on 666 and working in New York has been something Taylor is very grateful for, but to many viewers it may come as a surprise that off set she sports a very different accent. (Even though you probably wouldn’t tell the difference with all that screaming every Sunday night.) “I actually have a really strong Australian accent. It’s just something I’ve kind of gotten used to slipping in and out of. It’s more oral than pathological at this point. I can be sitting at a restaurant and there can be an American sitting across from me and I’ll be using an American accent, and then I’ll turn around to an Australian or English person sitting next to me and suddenly I’ll be back in the Australian accent. It’s kind of bizarre,” she jokes. “But it’s something I really enjoy because I actually do see accents as a really fun thing, and they’re really important in terms of character. I’m a different person in an Australian accent and an American accent. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s something that I’ve found is a very useful tool for exploring the character.”

Whether working with Dave Annable or looking ahead to the next project, Taylor has a great outlook on just working hard. “I keep learning,” she says of acting. Adding prior to the cancellation, “It’s been an amazing rollercoaster ride: you work, and then you don’t work, and then you work, and then you don’t work. I like the challenge of not just the work, but the industry itself.”


So what could be next up for the stunning Australian actress? Whatever it may be, viewers have no need to worry. “I do really like to write. I’m not likely to write a screenplay any time soon because that’s not the kind of writing that I do, but I actually tinker around with writing a bunch of poetry, and essays, and little articles,” she admits. “Should I get behind the camera?” she asks herself. “I have a very visual brain in a way. I’m not sure where that leads, but I’m really enjoying at the moment playing around with writing, and learning about the camera. I think storytelling is what motivates me, and I’m not sure I’ll end up in terms of that, but it’s something I really enjoy. I’m always pulling images out of magazines and story articles that I like. I’m not sure where that interest is leading but I’m sure it will lead somewhere.”



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