5 New Shows We’re Grateful Are Sticking Around (For Now)


With every new TV season comes a slew of hits and misses, but lucky for us (ahem, me!), some of the best new shows are sticking around thanks to recent full-season pickups. For the most part, it isn’t shocking that some of these shows have done well for themselves. However, as we’ve witnessed this past weekend, anything can happen. Take for example the recent cancellations of ABC’s 666 Park Avenue, Last Resort, and even the CBS comedy Partners.

Check out our 5 favorite newcomers that will be sticking around:

1. Nashville

With sass, jealousy, love triangles, betrayal and country boots, clearly this ABC series was going to stay put. Out of all the new shows, this was the most promising from the start. Having Connie Britton in the cast must have had something to do with that.

2. The Mindy Project

With Mindy Kaling’s writing history on The Office, it wasn’t all that surprising that her first comedy would make it through the television cracks. With a perfect slot and perfect network, it may even last for a few seasons. That is, of course, if she continues to have fantastic cold openers like the one last week when the guy she’s dating put on her bigger jeans by accident.

3. Ben and Kate

Airing just before The Mindy Project on FOX, Ben and Kate was one of the many hopefuls that peaked the interest of many viewers in the beginning of the new television season. The comedy may not be filled with a ton of laugh-out-loud moments, but Nat Fox and Dakota Johnson make the perfect sibling pair.

4. The New Normal

Coming off Glee’s success, Ryan Murphy really brought over a lot of the same comedy that he’s shown on the FOX series over the years. This new NBC comedy starring Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells is blunt, over the top, heartfelt, and complete reality. It’s wonderful to have such a show on air showing families all the new normals that are present in society today.

5. Arrow 

The CW clearly knew what it was doing with this new series starring Stephen Amell. Besides the recent episodes being ridiculously good, have you checked out Amell’s abs?

Though these have become our top picks, some other great shows that have received a pick-up includeRevolution, Chicago Fire, and Go On.


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