‘The Vampire Diaries’: What Does Elena And Stefan’s Breakup Mean For Damon?


It finally happened Delena fans. Elena and Stefan brokeup on Thursday night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. Fans were warned to stay off Twitter because of huge spoilers, and now we all know that it wasn’t because of something small like Jeremy killing Tyler’s friend or Katherine returning for a bit. But does this mean that real-life couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder will finally get together? That would definitely seem to be the case, but for how long? Whether Elena is human or a vampire definitely seems to be key here.

As a Delena fan myself, I was surprised how bad I felt when Stelena decided to call it quits. Perhaps it’s because I’m a fan of Paul Wesley, but the moment Julie Plec created for fans in the last scene was absolutely brilliant. You didn’t necessarily expect it, but ultimately it made sense. Elena’s vampire turn has magnified her feelings for Damon, and it has been hinted for several episodes that Elena’s turn has rubbed Stefan the wrong way.

But, what does this mean for Damon? As pointed out in next week’s episode, this will probably be the happiest day of his life once he finds out they’ve split. But, will that really last? And by last, I mean both his possible future relationship with Elena as well as feeling good about the situation. After all, Damon’s bad boy image has always been combined with holding back and letting Stefan be happy with her.

Rumors over the past few weeks have finally come true, and it looks like Elena and Damon will have a chance to be together. But the way Damon revealed to Elena in “We All Go Mad A Little Sometimes” about the possible cure for vampirism is once again, perfect. Does that mean her decision choosing between Stefan and Damon will just come down to if she’s a vampire or human again by the series finale?

Here’s what it looks like if that’s the case:

Human Elena                                                    Vampire Elena
– Elena loves Stefan                                             – Elena loves Damon
– Stefan loves Elena                                             – Stefan has doubts
– Damon loves Elena                                            – Damon loves Elena

Doesn’t really seem fair to Damon. Right?

We know Stefan will always love Elena and part of the reason they had to breakup was because of her feelings for Damon becoming more magnified, but considering last night, this is how it would probably be broken down. And as suggested before, this might not look good for Damon after all.

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