‘Battle Of The Seasons’ Exit Interview (Banter): Jemmye And Knight Breakdown Relationship, Reveal ‘Challenge’ Regrets


There have been several couples that have come out of the Real World seasons, but no relationship quite like Jemmye and Knight’s. With Knight’s humor and Jemmye’s sass, it wasn’t surprising that the two hit it off during their New Orleans season. The two have certainly had their ups and downs ever since, but even an admitted cheating moment didn’t stop them from being their crazy selves during The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. Don’t you just love these two? Wouldn’t you just love to get them together at the same time and ask them straight up if there’s ever a chance for reconciliation in the future? Well, no worries. It’s been taken care of for you!

During a recent (and very memorable) chat with both MTV vets, we talked about coming together after bad terms in order to win, the arena, and even some regrets they had during their Turkey stay. (Hint: Knight’s take back includes a pool and some clothes!) But besides all of that, the best part of the interview had to be the constant interrupting by Knight. There’s clearly some spark still brewing between these two and we love it!

What was it like joining the show knowing you’d have to work together?
Jemmye: Well, when we first got the call about the show we were on horrible terms. Like, we couldn’t even have a phone call conversation without yelling at each other. So, this friendship thing has just recently happened over the past couple of weeks to be honest with you. So, prior to going on the Challenge was probably one of the worst terms we’ve been on yet.
Knight: I agree with that. [Laughs]

You worked well as a team. Did you makeup at least a little while in Turkey?
Knight: I don’t know if we actually really made up or just kind of said, ‘Hey—’
Jemmye: Okay, not makeup, makeup, she’s talking about—
Knight: No, no, I was trying, but not like that! I mean will you let me talk? Jesus Christ. You’re f-cking talking still.
Jemmye: Oh my God.
Knight: I was going to say, we put all of that aside when it had to deal with the challenge itself. And then I guess when we were in the house that’s when the drama kind of started coming up.
Jemmye: I mean he had no reason to be mad at me. I was the only person in the house that would be mad at him. I mean when we got to the house I kind of got over it—I kind of got over everything at that point because I realized—
Knight: She’s in love. Like, she’ll always love me. I can tell by the first time I saw you at the airport in Turkey. She had a little sparkle in her eye. Like, she was looking at me and just so happy to see me.
Jemmye: Don’t lie!
Knight: Don’t lie? There’s nothing about lying! [Laughs]
Jemmye: Can we have another question, please? [Laughs]

Well, let’s change the subject for a bit. [Laughs] You were a part of this huge alliance. But who did you think was a threat and whom would you have wanted to make it to the end with?
Knight: We kind of went into it thinking about the politics and I saw C.J. before going into the house and he and Zach are good so our plan was to all make it to the finals and then we’ll all compete it out with the best man wins kind of thing. It wasn’t like we were really scared of anyone because we had the power on our side as long as we stayed out of last place, which unfortunately didn’t work for us because we were a two-person team in the last challenge.

Seriously, that competition was ridiculous. Not to mention, teams were complaining when you only had two people.
Jemmye: That pissed me off actually. Those girls had two strong guys on their team and they were still complaining. You didn’t even see half of it! Like, they were complaining from the very beginning.
Knight: That challenge took like four hours, four or five hours in 118-degree temperature. It was brutal. Like our loss—and you can ask any other team—I would say, ‘Okay Jemmye, you get the little one and I’ll get the big ones.’ But it got to a point where how can you carry up a 50 lb. log that weighs half of what she is pretty much? I mean it was extreme. I was actually praying that somebody would quit so all we would have to do is finish. I mean from the first up the hill I thought Devyn and Jasmine and a few girls were going to say, ‘Hey. Enough is enough. I’m out.’ That’s what I was hoping for.
Jemmye: I think any other two-person teams besides us and St. Thomas would quit. Its just I wasn’t going to quit and Marie wasn’t going to quit. I believe that if any other team had one girl and one guy, the girl would have quit. I honestly believe that.

I can definitely see that. What was it like in the arena with Zach and Sam?
Knight: It’s kind of going up against—I guess because Zach was pretty much my best friend in the house. It kind of sucked going up against him. We thought we were going up against Frank and Sam. That’s what we thought going into it and then all of a sudden Frank pulls out and Zach went in. It was weird. It was a hard challenge. I didn’t expect it to be as difficult as it was. You’re trying to hold your breath but as soon as your down underneath the water I’m already out of breath. And with the blood rushing to your head you’re kind of out of everything. Jemmye would be like, ‘Okay take a deep breath and think this is what you have to do.’ Jemmye was really supportive in being like, ‘Okay Knight, I need 10 seconds under water.’ And I’d give her like eight seconds.
Jemmye: I would have rather like hauled ass and done something physical. That was just not a fun week to go out. I would just have rather just gone out doing something physical and fighting harder than that.

Is there anything you would have changed during your stay in Turkey?
Jemmye: I mean, I think Ashley should have been there instead of McKenzie. I mean I haven’t said that yet. This is the first time I’ve actually said that. I feel like if Ashley had of been there instead of McKenzie we would have been in the finals, all four of us. That could have been our biggest let down. I just wish Ashley were there instead.
Knight: I kind of wish I hadn’t thrown Nany’s clothes in the pool.
Jemmye: That was bad karma!
Knight: I don’t think it was bad karma. But no, no, I just regret because Nany is my friend since then. We laugh about it now, but at the time I was actually pissed off and that’s why I did it. But you know when you go back and look at it, people don’t see the whole reason why you’re upset and they don’t understand. Living in that house with other people for a month—time multiplies when you’re living in a house and nobody to talk to but your team and staying in your alliance. And when you talk to other teams your alliance goes, ‘Oh my God! He’s masterminding against us!’ It’s kind of crazy.

Besides all the drama, what was your favorite part about the Challenge?
Knight: My favorite thing was the “Insane Games 2.0” that we had at the house because everyone dressed up in costumes. It was just a fun night where everyone got along. There was no beef between anybody. It was my favorite time in Turkey by far.
Jemmye: Mine would have to be—this is lame and I don’t even care—lying in my room. It was like me, Jasmine, Ashley, McKenzie, Preston and Marie, and we would just stay up all night. There was no drama in our room. It was really just like getting to know each other and making real friendships. I think that was my favorite part. Just getting to know those people.

Would you both be up for another one?
Knight: Yeah. I would do another one. I don’t know, the house—a lot of people in the house—I mean it was annoying, but it was a cool experience. I mean, how many people get to go to Turkey? I got to celebrate my birthday in Turkey. Absolutely, I would love to go on a vacation again.
Jemmye: Yeah…I would love to go to another one!

I have to ask! Fans (ahem, I) want to know. What’s your status today? You definitely seem to have become friends again.
Jemmye: We literally just became friends, like when we were actually real friends, in the past two or three weeks. I don’t know what changed and I don’t know what finally balanced it out, but I feel like we’re just now at a point where we’re really friends. I mean he’s in Wisconsin and I’m in New Orleans. I mean we don’t see each other. You have anything to add Knight? I know you have something to add.
Knight: I have nothing. I think that was said beautifully.
Jemmye: Are you sure?
Knight: [Laughs] I got nothing.
Jemmye: You have something to add.
Knight: I got nothing.

Do you think there will ever be a chance again? Or what happened is what happened and you can’t really go forward now?
Knight: You know right now, I’m serious—I’ve burnt enough bridges between me and Jemmye. I think we’re both cool with just being friends right now. Obviously you never know what can happen in the future, but I’m extremely happy and in a good place and I think Jemmye is there or getting there so—
Jemmye: Why do I have to be—?
Knight: You know I’m a romantic and you’re more closed. [Laughs]
Jemmye: You’re such a douche for that!
Knight: Nah, I didn’t mean it like that. I meant it like—
Jemmye: You said it.
Knight: Absolutely I said it. I meant what I said. So yeah, I’m glad you’re there.
Jemmye: Oh My God.
Knight: You know this is a little closure for you. Maybe you’ll now stop giving me all these calls late at night. [Laughs]

You two would be hilarious on your own MTV spinoff.
Knight: I don’t know if I could live with her!
Jemmye: I mean I’ll admit, everything that has happened with us and despite all the bad, when we’re together we do have a good chemistry. I hope we can continue this chemistry as friends. I don’t know. I can see how people like us because we are a shit show together. [Laughs] I’m just glad we can be friends.
Knight: As big of a shit show as we are together, there’s a lot of funny stuff that we do together, but that’s who me and Jemmye are though in real life. Like we’re always joking and laughing. But I know when it came down to it, in these games or in anything, I could go to Jemmye and Jemmye would always have my back. And she knows I would always have her back. I think.
Jemmye: For sure.


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