Interview: Haylie Duff Reveals What It’s Like Working With Sister Hilary In Hollywood


Most fans will probably agree that Haylie and Hilary Duff are two of the sweetest siblings in Hollywood. The two are both household names, and have stayed away from the pesky tabloids for the majority of their careers. (Which, let’s face it, is an accomplishment all on its own.) Recently Haylie spoke to me about her relationship with her younger sister, and where she got her acting start. Besides loving the time she spends with Hilary and her new nephew Luca Cruz, Haylie also reveals her hope to work with the new mom again, and how she’s lucky to have a sibling in the same business to bounce advice off of one another. 

When did you know you wanted to start acting?
HAYLIE DUFF: I was in a ballet company and I was really shy on stage. My ballet teacher is who encouraged me to take an acting class to learn how to open up in front of people. Maybe it was almost a bad thing because now I feel like I can do anything on stage in front of anyone but in a room full of a couple people I’m probably a little more shy than I am on stage. [Laughs] But yeah, it was at a young age, maybe around 10 years old or 11 years old.

You’ve done both television and film. Would you ever consider doing a full-time TV gig?
I would! Yeah. It would just kind of depend on what it is. I loved my time on 7th Heaven and in the more recent time I have a cookbook coming out and I have a food blog, so my focus kind of shifts. I feel like every couple of years I really want to do this, but then I find something that fulfills me creatively and I kind of go down that avenue for a little bit. But yeah, I would definitely be down something a little more full-time. It would be good for my dogs to have me here with scheduling. They would be happy about that. [Laughs]

Who would you love to work with one day?
I mean there are so many people. I think more times than not I’m drawn to women that are doing great things in the entertainment industry whether its writing or producing or working on their own projects. Women who do all three just blows my mind. People like Sandra Bullock. I would love to work with her.

Though the list may seem long, its rare for siblings to both be successful in the industry. It must be very special for you and Hilary to relate to one another.
It is really special! It’s unfortunate that so many times you’re pitted against your sibling being in the same business. I just think that’s a tragedy. There’s so much room for everybody. I recently was in New York and I had dinner with Billy Baldwin. We have a mutual friend in common. I see a family like his where multiple brothers in that family have had very successful, good careers and it’s something to look up to. Its nice to see siblings having the same creative outlet and doing it a different way. I’ve loved working with my sister. I wish that we could find more things to work on together.

Are there any plans in motion yet? Do you have a hand in her new FOX deal?
No, no. That’s her own thing. But yea, we would be open to doing something together again. We had a great time on Material Girls and it would be more of a reason for us to spend more time together too, which would be great.

Do you and Hilary often give each other advice about the business?
We do! We call each other for all kinds of things. I mean I bounce ideas off of her and she bounces them off of me. It’s nice to have somebody that understands what the other one goes through certain things. We’re there to support each other when people write things that aren’t nice about us and then we’re there to be each other’s biggest cheerleader when somebody has success in something. It’s great.


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