‘Parenthood’ Exclusive: Matt Lauria Comments On Those Amber And Ryan Make-Out Pictures, Working With Mae Whitman


Parenthood is finally returning tonight on NBC, and with none other than a new romance that viewers have been patiently waiting on for weeks! Amber Braverman and Ryan York’s relationship continues to grow, and we can’t help but be extremely excited about the new romance. After all, Matt Lauria’s role as an Afghanistan veteran hooked us immediately at the baseball game, with his “No, I’m interested in you” line and how he handled Amber’s breakdown on the first date.

Mae Whitman and Lauria have been having a fantastic time on set together, and that’s not only obvious from their Twitter feeds. I spoke with the Friday Night Lights alum recently about his new role on the critically acclaimed series and he revealed how many episodes he’ll probably be staying on for. Plus, I’d like to think he was blushing when he broke down that whole ocean making out scene during our conversation!

“I just think she’s fantastic. We’ve developed a really awesome bond personally. I think that the two of us can’t help but feel energized and just excited about the opportunity that sort of has been put in front of us, and that sort of has bonded us. We just get along really well,” Lauria said about the very talented Whitman. “I think that both of us feel a lot of gratitude, and we’re just feeling really fired up about the story that we get to tell. It’s really beautiful, and it’s really important in terms of what many young Americans are facing getting back from over there.”

Compared to Amber’s wild past of dad issues and her Bob campaign days, it seems as though this new relationship with Ryan will become a fan favorite. All the while showing how much Whitman’s character has grown since season one. “She’s just a really cool chick, and she’s really smart, and obviously extraordinarily talented. Early on – she’s a smart actress – and she was able to pinpoint a couple of things early on with the dynamic between these two characters,” Lauria tells of Whitman’s work ethic. “Without being too spoiler-y, she was able to identify ways in which they are really good for each other and helping each other grow personally. I can’t say enough good things about her.”

But speaking of spoilers, hello ocean make-out session! Oh yes, that happened and Lauria revealed how he himself found out about the pictures showing up online for the first time. “Oh, God,” he laughed. “A friend of mine texted me, who I’ve known her for years, and she’s like, ‘I was looking [online] or something like that, and then I see pictures of you emerging from the ocean. Now I know you’ve really made it!’ he laughed. “The funny thing about that is it was early on. I think those pictures are from when it was still lighter out, and we were still figuring out the basic choreography of everything. It was one of the first times we went into the ocean. We did it tons and tons of times. The ones that they have are with us standing in water that is really shallow, but we weren’t aware how deep we had to go in. The water was waist-high or higher, but then when it withdrew back into the ocean, we didn’t realize how shallow it was. So, there she is, like, straddling me and I’m holding her up. It looks very risqué. I don’t think that will end up looking like that when it all comes down to it.”

The scene may be edited differently, but the moment will surely have viewers waiting in anticipation. It all starts tonight in “Together” on NBC. And stay tuned for more Parenthood and Friday Night Lights talk with Matt Lauria!

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