‘Vampire Diaries’ Exclusive: Is Lexi Making A Return To Mystic Falls?


Stefan’s old vamp friend Lexi may have gotten killed off, but Vampire Diaries fans know that anything and anyone can return to Mystic Falls in a surprise twist. The fourth season of the CW series is only a few episodes in, and anything can happen. Arielle Kebbel’s reveal to me about her character’s future proves just that.

“I hope you were pissed when she died,” she joked. “I’m honored to be a part of the show. I told Julie Plec, I was like, ‘Honestly, Lexi lives on forever through the fans.’ And I just feel like I’m constantly shocked and humbled at the people that will stop me. I’ll have like a grandmother stop me about Damon and what’s next [all the way] to little kids. And so for me just to have that kind of interaction about the character Lexi I’ve been lucky to portray from the books now to the series affect that wide range of people across the country, and even the world, is just completely shocking.”

Wait for it…

“I mean any time that I get the call that there’s another secret trip to Atlanta I’m stoked. And I know the fans are always asking if I’ll come back and I always tell them that so far the record is I tend to come back once this season and anything can happen. So stay tuned.”

Get ready TVD fans. The season has just begun.


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