Haylie Duff: Hilary’s Baby Boy Luca Cruz Is “Growing So Fast Its Crazy!” (Exclusive)


Hard to believe, but Hilary Duff’s baby boy is almost 8 months already! The actress hasn’t been shy on Twitter from sharing the cutest pictures of Luca Cruz, and now his aunt can’t stop gushing too! Ology recently caught up with Hilary’s big sister Haylie Duff to find out what its been like for the entire family since the new addition.

“Oh my Gosh! He is just the most wonderful, scrumptious little nugget!” she exclaimed. “He’s really enhanced our family in so many ways I just couldn’t imagine.”

The two sisters are especially busy in the industry these days, but Haylie definitely spends as much time as possible with her adorable nephew. “He’s growing so fast its crazy. I’ve been having to travel for quite a bit for my book and so I’ll leave and I’ll come back two weeks later and I’ll just see him and he’ll be like double the size since I left. It’s so crazy how fast they grow. But he’s smart and wonderful. We’re so lucky, so lucky.”

Hilary first announced she was pregnant in August 2011 with hubby Mike Comrie, and later gave birth March 20.


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