Shit Girls Say Interview: Creators Graydon Sheppard And Kyle Humphrey Ecstatic For New Book, Reveal Original Name They Almost Went With


Nothing can be more nerve-racking than realizing there’s a chance you could say shit girls say while speaking to the creators of Shit Girls Say. Not to mention, the pathetic realization that no, the girl with all her wig glory will not be talking in that voice while discussing the hugely successful YouTube hit. But luckily, the guys of Shit Girls Say were funny off camera too. And more importantly, worry of saying something cliché immediately disappears once speaking with them. After all, they are the ones that created the phenomenon. They seem to love the lines just as much as we do.

Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey, the guys who pointed out such quotes like “Who smells so good?” and “She knew I was saving that name for my baby!” chatted with me about their recent book that hit shelves recently. (It makes the best coffee table accessory, mind you.) Besides hearing how excited the guys are to have made the book, there are a few other details they spilled during our discussion. Some interesting reveals include the name they first went with instead of Shit Girls Say, their favorite lines, why Ryan Gosling is on their mind, and how a big fan reaction came from none other than a Girls actress.

When did you first come up with Shit Girls Say?
KYLE HUMPHREY: We came up with it in April 2011. We were sitting on our couch watching TV and Graydon asked me to pass him a blanket. And it seemed like something so feminine or girly to ask. So from there we talked about it and we were thinking about it more and more and sort of writing this list down. Immediately we had like four pages of words of shit girls say.

What’s the process like still? Are you constantly still jotting ideas down?
KYLE: Yeah, I mean we try to! We’re listing all the time and hopefully hearing something out on the street. [Laughs] But also people like my sister texts me good ones or once in awhile people tweet at us and we’ll re-tweet them. We haven’t run out yet so we’ll see how long we can keep going with it!

What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you since getting noticed?
KYLE: I think just being able to see people enjoy what we do and share it with their friends. I love it. Especially when we tweet something and then a girl will tweet it at one of her girlfriends and be like, ‘this reminds me of you so much!’ So I think that’s really rewarding because its just girls embracing it and loving it and wanting to share it with their friends.

This obviously wasn’t your full-time job at first. Have you mostly been concentrating on this over the past year?
KYLE: I’m a graphic designer, but yes this has been mostly full-time this year for us.
GRAYDON SHEPPARD: My background is in film. I’m a director—but this kind of became our full-time gig and the book came out of both of our backgrounds. I’ve done photography in undergrad, though I didn’t take the photos myself. I have a visual sense and Kyle has designer so we kind of combined both of our strengths to make this book.

How long was the process?
GRAYDON: When our Twitter feed started getting popular we were thinking about what the cool content would be. It was about a four-month process. We started going through tweets we already had and picking out cute ones that would work visually. We came up with the actual concepts first and then figured out which tweets would work for that style, and then we just tried to work out how to put it together and how to tell an abstract story one right after another. There was a lot of editing and we really digged around.

Love how you dedicated the book to all your female relatives.
GRAYDON: Yeah, we both grew up—our dads are around—but we were both raised by our moms and very close with our sisters. Kyle and I have a lot of female friends. I think we just identify with women a lot. We were both home for Thanksgiving and I’m washing the dishes rather than smoking a cigar in the garage with the guys. You know? [Laughs] It’s that kind of dynamic, so it does come from a place of love, although we are poking fun. It definitely comes from us loving the women in our lives, for sure.

What’s your favorite Shit Girls Say line, and have you been guilty yourself of saying one in particular a lot?
GRAYDON: I always say and I’m always conscious of saying, “Can you turn it up a bit?” because I’m usually asking Kyle to turn up the TV at home a lot.  [Laughs] These things are inevitable. That one is just so common, so funny and inevitable. But my favorite is, “I kind of want a hot dog.” That one has a special place in my heart.

Were you ever considering another name before deciding on Shit Girls Say?
GRAYDON: We did! We started the Twitter feed and we changed it about an hour afterwards, but at first the Twitter page was Only Girls Say. And then we were like, ‘That’s not true. We say these things. Everything says these things.’ And so we made it a little bit more general.

Juliette Lewis was a funny surprise to see in your video. Will you work with her again? Who else would you love to collaborate with?
GRAYDON: We love Juliette. I mean she was just so amazingly open and I think that she just embodied the spirit of what the Internet is in a way because she was so willing to do it and was so happy to be there and she was very nice. She was just very helpful. So we would love to work with her again for sure. We were joking about getting Ryan Gosling to be in a video and we thought about Joan Rivers because it would be really funny for her to just slap the hell out of me. Those were two that we sort of talked about working with.

What are your thoughts about all these spin-offs, and what’s been some of your favorites?
GRAYDON: We were really amazed at how quickly they happened. I mean one of our favorites happened within a couple of days called Shit Black Girls Say, which happened two days later…That’s what’s so great about what’s happening. People kind of say, ‘Well, I don’t see myself in that so I’m going to represent myself in this way.’

Do you get noticed a lot even without the wig and getup?
GRAYDON: No, I’ve only been recognized twice! I’d prefer not to be recognized. The wig is a lot of personality. You can put that wig on a lamp and people would go, ‘Oh my God, that’s the Shit Girls Say girl!’

What’s been one of your favorite fan reactions?
GRAYDON: It has gone way beyond anything else we’ve ever expected. I think when we were in New York and we got to meet Alison Williams from Girls and she was so excited to meet us and we were so excited to meet her. We were like, ‘Wait! You can’t be excited to meet us. We’re excited to meet you!’ She had seen the videos and she said she had liked them so it was so exciting to see someone that we admire also liking the videos that we had done. So that was really nice.


You have the Twitter account, videos and now a book. What’s next?
GRAYDON: I don’t know! There may be another book. We’re just so excited about this book being out now and we’re kind of finally being able to see people reacting to it.

Will you ever come out with a new original phrase? Or will Shit Girls Say always be your main focus?
GRAYDON: I think what has happened is that we get to be the originals and we’re really happy with that. I don’t think we feel the need to do any other subject. So yeah, we’re just happy to kind of be the first ones for this.


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