Exclusive: Haylie Duff Looks Back On Her Role In ‘Love Comes Softly’ For Its 10th Anniversary Collection

November is here, and just in time for the holiday season, the Hallmark Channel is releasing its TV film series Love Comes Softly on DVD for its 10th Anniversary Collection. Starring Haylie Duff in its Love Finds a Home chapter, Duff plays a pregnant Dr. Annie Watson who stays with her friend Dr. Belinda Owens (Sarah Jones), ultimately portraying the trials, love, and relationships they endure. A film on women empowerment, Duff couldn’t help but relate to her role and look back on the female driven stories she once read as a child.

“I was a fan of Little Women and House on the Prairie. All those movies—I loved those and the shows,” the actress admitted to me. “I think there’s something really cool about getting to live in the modern time that we live in with all this technology and overstimulation and everything that we have now and being able to peek into the lives of people that didn’t have anything like that and that they somehow survived that,” she sincerely joked. “It’s not very often that scripts like this come along that are family stories and stories about strong women–a period piece and all the great things that come along with that. The minute I read it I knew that I wanted to be a part of the movie.”

The Christian drama first aired in 2009, but Duff continues to have fond memories from working with Patty Duke, who just so happened to play her mother-in-law in the series. “Ms. Patty Duke was so fantastic! To this day she’s still one of my favorite people to be on set with,” she gushed. “She has so much energy and she’s funky and funny and just massively talented. One thing that I really remember from working with her is anything that was an emotional scene that required tapping into something outside of myself, especially for when I have the baby and I’m sick, she was so available. We used to joke all the time and any time I had anything emotional to do all I had to do was reach out and it was like she was just handing it to me. She was just so present and very open and absolutely wonderful.”

Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino and Jordan Bridges also made up the cast for its eighth installment. “They’re just great guys. They come to work really prepared. I mean Jordan works harder than most actors than I have worked with. He always knows his material. Not only his, but he knows everyone else’s too. They both have great energy and I enjoyed working with them.”

What’s most special about the drama piece is how more actors are added along the way to share and take part in the series. “It starts out in the first film with certain characters and as the stories go on it’s within the same family but you pick up on the story of the granddaughter or the great great-granddaughter. I thought that was kind of an interesting way of telling these stories. It was neat to be a part of something that’s been so successful and continues to be.”


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