‘Vampire Diaries’ Poll: What Did You Think Of Damon And Elena’s [Spoiler!] Shocker?


Gahhh, Julie Plec, what are you doing to us?! The Vampire Diaries definitely gave its fans a HUGE shocker Thursday night that left us (and will leave Damon and Elena) questioning everything! Here’s to some spoilers folks, so look away if you haven’t seen the “My Brother’s Keeper” episode yet! As first expected, Damon and Elena DID have sex, but that’s not all. On top of that, the biggest twist came at the very same time. (We should have known!) Turns out, Caroline and Stefan figured out that Elena may actually be sired to Damon. She drank from his blood, and has been agreeing with him about everything since turning.


Sure, this is a fantastic twist, but it’s no surprise if Delena fans took the moment as very bittersweet. Does this really mean that Elena really would choose Stefan as a vampire as well? Does this mean she basically was influenced into having sex with Damon? There’s always been a little spark there even when she was a human, but will be enough after the sire becomes broken?

So many questions. So much time to go back and re-watch the episode over and over again!

Check out the Damon and Elena sex scene without Caroline and Stefan’s commentary! Plus, take the poll below on what you think of the Damon and Elena shocker!


‘Felicity’ Trivia: NoelCrane.com Is Still Up And Running


Felicity will always be a favorite of mine, and another television series that will forever remind me of that green frog singing about The WB. The beloved college series starring Keri Russell, Scott Speedman and Scott Foley that ran from 1998-2002 included a fantastic cast, a great love triangle, and a haircut that will go down in TV history. But besides watching the series on Netflix, or buying the box sets on Amazon, another way to reminisce about the Felicity, Ben and Noel days is to just log on to Noel’s old website. Yep, the website that Noel Crane couldn’t stop talking about year after year is actually a real website, and it’s still up and running.

The site, where we will of course always pretend that Noel is an actual person, looks like a 1998 layout, or maybe even something from the future. It still includes categories like intro, mission, portfolio, and home, and even has some writings talking about other characters like Noel’s once wife Natalie.

Of course we’d love a response in the feedback section, but we aren’t filming a docuventary so that’ll probably never happen. “So you want to send me spam. Yeah. I don’t think so,” it reads. Oh, Noel. How I miss your wit and charm.

Check out NoelCrane.com here.

Interview: Matt Lauria Opens Up About ‘Parenthood’ And ‘Friday Night Lights’ Auditions, What Dillon Panthers He’s Kept In Touch With


“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” Friday Night Lights may have wrapped production in Feb. 2011, but that doesn’t mean the dedicated viewers that watched the NBC series in its entirety don’t pretend all of the Panthers still live down in Dillon, Texas. (Oh, that was just what I imagined? Never mind then.) Executive Producer Jason Katims brought us those memorable characters, and he continues to create others with his current work on Parenthood. Actor Matt Lauria has had the opportunity to work on both projects, and I recently discussed with him about his experiences on both critically acclaimed shows.

First Luke Cafferty, and now Ryan York, Lauria has gone from playing on the football field to fitting in with the Braverman’s, with one important similarity: As FNL took its final pass, Luke went off for his first tour in Afghanistan, and in Parenthood Lauria now plays a vet returning home. Working on either of these shows seems like it would be a dream for any actor, and Lauria seems to have recognized that. Some highlights he revealed during our discussion include a breakdown of the two auditions, word on the future FNL film, and how he’s tried keeping in touch with his old football buddies.

Friday Night Lights alum and now guest starring on Parenthood. What’s it been like working with Jason Katims again?

MATT LAURIA: When this opportunity came around, it was mostly a no brainer. It was like, ‘so, wait: I get to work with Jason again? Okay, where do I sign up?’ [Laughs] The reason that it was such an obvious desire to want to work with him again is because we have a rapport personally, but more than that, when you feel like you’re working on something that matters, or something that’s really artistically fulfilling or exciting, and you collaborate with other artists on something like that, I think naturally you share this kind of bond. And I think that aside from that, most significantly perhaps, his writing is just such awesome fodder for fueling a character or for fueling relationships. He writes to people and relationships so beautifully and so honestly. And so, as an actor, you’re not sitting around, spitting out exposition or whatever. You’re dealing with real people and real relationships that feel like they matter.

As a fan of both shows, that’s definitely a main reason why so many viewers are drawn to such work.

It’s why people fall in love with the characters. I’m just as guilty as someone else, because my wife and I were big into FNL before we were ever in that world. It’s why you fall in love with characters that mean so much to you. You get to know them like they’re real people, like they’re your friends.

And you’ve played fantastic characters along the way. It’s interesting how your role as Luke Cafferty ended the FNL series by going into the army, and now you play a vet on Parenthood.

Yeah, it’s like a five-year older version or something. In some ways, they’re really similar in terms of farm boy, kind of like a similar type of integrity. But Luke was a lot more emotional and kind of more immature, kind of in that young man way, kind of overtly self-confident and cocky. And Ryan York is more soft-spoken, a little slower tempo. I think he’s less emotional. I think he’s more grown up. Being in the army – from all the guys I’ve talked to—or being in the service at all does a lot to you. I just think that there’s a lot more psychological stuff going on with this guy that he’s trying to figure out. Luke speaks with his mouth a little sooner than this guy does, but there are certainly some similarities.

What was the audition like for Friday Night Lights?

It’s tricky. For FNL, I got an audition for it and I couldn’t believe it, because I was just catching up on the seasons on DVD, and I thought the show was already off the air. And so I was like, ‘that show is still around? What?’ [Laughs] I kind of flipped out about it. And then I went in and auditioned for it, and had a great time the first audition. Then they brought me back for Pete [Berg] and Jason and some other folks. And when I went in for that callback, I went in there and when I auditioned he [Pete] threw all of this stuff at me. He’s like, ‘Just repeat this line over and over again. Give us a full spectrum of emotions.’ He got up out of his chair and he came over and he was like, ‘In this scene’—it was a scene where Tami kicks my character off the football team—and he’s like, ‘Just repeat your address over and over and over, and that’s all you’re allowed to say. But run the full spectrum of emotions. Try to plead with her. Try to convince her. You can get mad. You can use whatever tactic that you want to get her to stay, but you can only use these words.’ So we did that, and it was sort of along the lines of the performance that ultimately ended up in the show.

And then I came in and did it again and for my official test. It was on video. Jason Katims and Pete Berg and Taylor Kitsch is sitting there in the room, because he just finished reading with the girls who were going in for Madison and the part of Becky. And that’s where I first met Madison, actually. So, he just stayed in the room when the Luke guys came in. And I walked in the room and I was like, ‘Dude! Hey!’ I told him I was a fan of the show.

You and Mae Whitman have a wonderful storyline going on with Amber and Ryan’s relationship. What was Parenthood’s audition like?

Basically Jason Katims called me up and was like, ‘Hey, listen. Are you interested in this?’ He said, ‘We got this part coming up that could be a really nice recurring guy, young veteran, probably from Wyoming or something. It could be a pretty exciting role throughout the season. He’s coming back and kind of dealing with getting back in the swing of things.’ And he said, ‘So, I don’t know what your time is like in the fall, or if you’re interested…’ And I was thinking, ‘Oh, that’s very flattering that you think I’m so busy. [Laughs] Oh, let me see if I can squeeze you in Jason Katims. My old boss, and the guy who made my career for me!’

That’s hilarious.


It was just one of those – it’s just a gift. And here’s the thing about it: It kind of feels like everything that I’ve done so far I’ve loved. It’s just fed me really well and educated me really artistically. But this role feels the most important in terms of the story we’re telling and how critical it is and how timely it is right now.


Working on both of these series seems like it would be a dream for any actor. When did you know you wanted to perform for a living?

I think when I was 12. My dad’s an animator. He’s like a two-dimensional animator. And animators are really zany, eccentric people. They’re really creative and goofy. And so we did a lot of role-playing when I was growing up, whether it was pirates and cowboys or whatever. I would put on costumes. My dad was a very, very playful guy when I was younger. I grew up in Ireland between the ages of 7 and 13ish, and so we were forced to do a play. You had to audition for this play in school. You didn’t really have much of a choice. I ended up getting an understudy for a role, and the guy got really sick, and then I ended up on stage. My cohort and I – in the scene – there was some big musical number with the main character and we were sitting in the background, and each night we would get more and more distracting and upstaging and goofy. And we kept getting more and more laughs, and we kept blatantly stealing the scene away from the other person very rudely. But anyway, at that point, I was like, ‘This is so fun!’ And then I did it a little bit in 8th grade. I got back to the States, and the option was either computer science or theater. I was like, ‘Um, theater please.’

You’ve done a lot of television, but what’s your take on this FNL movie buzz?

I think I would be game. I don’t think that my character would be involved. I haven’t really heard anything about it other than it is potentially happening, and you get that they’re trying to work it out. Last I heard was that it would probably be a new crop of kids, or something along those lines. But I haven’t heard anything about it, so – would I want to do that? I think so. I think it would probably be pretty awesome!

So many FNL actors have gone on to other great projects. Connie Britton’s on Nashville, Zach Gilford on The Mob Doctor, Michael B. Jordan in Chronicle and Taylor Kitsch working a lot in film. Have you been able to keep in contact?

We stay in loose contact. Mike B. and I will shoot each other a text or a phone call once in a blue moon. Jurnee Smollett and us – my wife and I, Jurnee and her husband – we always have tentative 21 Choices… that’s a frozen yogurt place. On the sort of non-concrete books, we’re constantly like ‘yeah, let’s get frozen yogurt! Oh, yeah! Yeah, we’ll do it!’ But we’re so busy. Once in a blue moon I’ll run into Madison at stuff. I saw Jesse Plemons and Scott Porter and Kevin Rankin recently. Kevin played Herc, and you know Jesse and Scott. Scott had a football party a few weekends ago and we all went over and watched football. There was a bunch of people there so it was nice. Oh, and then Gauis and I have the same manager. You know, Gaius, he’s Smash Williams. We run into each other at different events, this and that, here and there. He’s working on Grey’s Anatomy and he’s been out in L.A. I’ve been meaning to get together and go go-karting or something like that.

The series just had a fantastic cast and characters fans wanted to root for. So I have to ask, where would Luke Cafferty be today?

I think that he would be finishing up his second tour in Afghanistan or Iraq. I think that he probably ended up in an infantry unit over there. I think that he was probably on the front lines seeing some really crazy stuff. And I think that he would be either back on leave right now, or probably begging Becky to marry him, and trying to have kids and all of that stuff. That’s probably what he would be doing.

‘Go On’ Details: Matthew Perry Reveals His Guest Star Wish List


Go On has officially been picked up for a full-season, which gives Matthew Perry a better shot at checking off his guest stars bucket list. The Friends alum revealed during a conference call who he would love to have on the NBC show, and some of his choices may surprise you.

“We had asked – Wayne Gretzky, I’d love to have on the show at some point,” he revealed. “My favorite athlete of all time I was lucky enough to have on Mr. Sunshine but maybe we can have him come back on Go On too, which – who is Jimmy Connors. So, I guess my hope is that we get Jimmy Connors to come back and work with me again, which would be a dream come true.”

But, who’s the most shocking guest star that could be making an appearance sometime in the future? Get ready ladies, because it’s your favorite H&M model. “We’ve talked to David Beckham and he said that he would do it, so that was very exciting,” Perry added.

What could the soccer player end up portraying anyways? Would he seriously be a guy in counseling upset that his abs could be better? That’s highly doubtful, but here’s to hoping that if and when he shows up, his shirt will be off the entire time.

Best 3 TV Love Triangles Of All-Time


No matter what age, viewers love triangles. Since the Beverly Hills 90210 days, and Zack fighting over Kelly with Slater, the love triangle has made series what they are. Think about it: Though it may seem like it would get dull, the idea of who a person will choose and the back-and-forth decisions can go on for years. Audiences rarely get sick of them because they will stick around until the very last series finale to see who gets chosen. But even though Kelly, Brenda and Dylan and Saved by the Bell may seem like the very first, doesn’t mean that they are considered the top three love triangles of all time.

The greatest love triangle relationships are when the entire series is consumed by it. Out of every storyline, out of every personality, these three characters are the most important and at the end of every episode that’s what fans of the show really go back to. Grey’s Anatomy had a shocking start to a triangle with Meredith, Derek, and Addison, but it quickly diminished. Eric, Sookie, and Bill on True Blood is sexy and raw, but it’s actually been refreshing seeing Sookie be single for once. Will, Alicia, and Peter on The Good Wife are part of one of the best current triangles, but it’s been put on the backburner for a while now. And as for Finn, Rachel and Quinn, well, that’s been over since even before graduation.

So, that’s why the top three love triangles of all-time goes to Felicity, Dawson’s Creek, and The Vampire Diaries. Clearly, the WB, now The CW, knows what its doing over there. (And look out. HUGE spoilers below on who gets chosen.)

1. Felicity

From day one Felicity’s love for Ben was obvious when she decided to travel all the way to a New York college to be closer to him, and her R.A. Noel being right down the hall hinted at a future relationship. Felicity was back-and-forth with these two for four seasons. First Noel, then choosing Ben for a summer trip, and repeat. The one she ultimately decides on makes sense with the series, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Or maybe we do. Ugh, both of these characters were just too good to make a decision on.

2. Dawson’s Creek

Doesn’t matter if you were a Dawson or Pacey fan, this should have been an obvious one. Sure, that doesn’t mean we still didn’t all get together to watch the big finale in anticipation still, but if Joey hadn’t chosen the guy who bought her a wall than there would have been more of an uproar than the other way around.

3. The Vampire Diaries

It may seem a little premature calling the Stefan, Damon, and Elena triangle one of the greatest of all-time, but there’s nicknames like Delena and Stelena for a reason. This one is killing us. What brother will she choose? How long will this go on for? There’s so many twists and reasons why she would choose one over the other and we love it. But the only thing that’s truly certain is that there will be a lot of tears in the series finale no matter what she decides.

5 Surprising TV Show Cancellations


There have been several cancellations so far for some new television shows, with some axes more surprising than others. While we can’t help but be excited for shows getting a full-season pickup likeNashville and Arrow, we can’t help but also feel bad for other series like 666 Park Avenue and Political Animals. Some shows just didn’t seem to get the time they needed to develop a larger fan base, and that’s just frustrating.

Check out the 5 shows that we were surprised to see get cancelled:

 1. 666 Park Avenue

This is probably the biggest disappointment of them all. The ABC series 666 Park Avenue had a completely unique storyline, and had great leads in Rachael Taylor and Brothers and Sisters alum Dave Annable. It had a great time slot on Sunday, and was placed on the correct network. So, what happened? It just wasn’t given a chance. The cut was just as surprising as the twists the Drake offered to viewers.


2. Last Resort

Some related it to J.J. Abrams’ Lost at first, but unfortunately Abrams’ old Felicity pal Scott Speedman didn’t make the cut this time. Just like 666, the ABC series that was cancelled on the same day wasn’t given enough time. The concept was great, the fans seemed to love it, and hello—Scott Speedman starred in it. There may have been too many dramas out at the same time, but this was one that should have been saved.


3. Political Animals

This comes as one of the biggest shockers because to put it simply, it’s a USA Network show. Political Animals starring Sigourney Weaver was probably one of the best shows the network has done in years. Of course there’s Suits and White Collar, but freshman series had a completely unique was of filming, and had a juicy storyline that could have lasted for several seasons. Were people seriously that sick of hearing about the real election that they couldn’t fathom dealing with a political drama at the same time? The cancellation makes absolutely no sense.


4. Partners

Okay, so the cancellation of this CBS comedy came as a semi-surprise. Were we kind of okay with the decision compared to others? Yes. Did the original idea of the show have potential? Yes. The show was put on the right network and right time slot, but unfortunately the material just didn’t seem to grab audiences. It’s a shame too, because the casting was decent. Let’s just hope that Sophia Bush makes her way to our television screens again in the near future.


5. Jersey Shore

So, we all knew that Snooki’s baby would hit a snag with the MTV series, but fans were never really certain that the current season would be the very last year. The last time a little meatball would get arrested, and the last time the guys would get filmed while heading out for their GTL afternoon. It seemed like MTV could have kept it going for a bit longer, or maybe even scouted out for more tan people. But in the end, the network made the right decision. The cancellation with the originals seemed the most fitting.

Interview: Rachael Taylor Looks Back On Her Acting Start, Foreshadows What May Be Next After ‘666 Park Avenue’


If there’s one cancellation to be most upset about this season, it’s most definitely the one of ABC’s 666 Park Avenue. The news of the Drake officially closing its doors came as a surprise Friday, but ABC confirmed that the series would be airing all 13 episodes. The actors still have two more episodes to film, but we’re sure to see more of Rachael Taylor once it ends. She recently spoke to me about getting into the business, her (surprise!) Australian accent, and what other projects she may work on in the future.

“I’ve always been drawn to movies and television as a person, but I feel like I also kind of got lucky – I moved to the city when I was 16 – this was in Australia – just because I lived in a really small town and I kind of wanted to try my hand at life in the big world,” Taylor explains of her start in performing. “Acting was the same world as anything else, but I found it the easiest, in a way. Not easiest in terms of the work, but just it was the thing that got me working as a young person. It’s the path that I stayed on. I never really had much of a plan, and I still kind of don’t. It’s something that inspires me and challenges me. I would describe myself as a reasonably pragmatic, sensible person, and it kind of gives me a place to use my imagination and ask myself questions about my own emotional state, which is kind of why I like doing it so much.”

Playing Jane on 666 and working in New York has been something Taylor is very grateful for, but to many viewers it may come as a surprise that off set she sports a very different accent. (Even though you probably wouldn’t tell the difference with all that screaming every Sunday night.) “I actually have a really strong Australian accent. It’s just something I’ve kind of gotten used to slipping in and out of. It’s more oral than pathological at this point. I can be sitting at a restaurant and there can be an American sitting across from me and I’ll be using an American accent, and then I’ll turn around to an Australian or English person sitting next to me and suddenly I’ll be back in the Australian accent. It’s kind of bizarre,” she jokes. “But it’s something I really enjoy because I actually do see accents as a really fun thing, and they’re really important in terms of character. I’m a different person in an Australian accent and an American accent. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s something that I’ve found is a very useful tool for exploring the character.”

Whether working with Dave Annable or looking ahead to the next project, Taylor has a great outlook on just working hard. “I keep learning,” she says of acting. Adding prior to the cancellation, “It’s been an amazing rollercoaster ride: you work, and then you don’t work, and then you work, and then you don’t work. I like the challenge of not just the work, but the industry itself.”


So what could be next up for the stunning Australian actress? Whatever it may be, viewers have no need to worry. “I do really like to write. I’m not likely to write a screenplay any time soon because that’s not the kind of writing that I do, but I actually tinker around with writing a bunch of poetry, and essays, and little articles,” she admits. “Should I get behind the camera?” she asks herself. “I have a very visual brain in a way. I’m not sure where that leads, but I’m really enjoying at the moment playing around with writing, and learning about the camera. I think storytelling is what motivates me, and I’m not sure I’ll end up in terms of that, but it’s something I really enjoy. I’m always pulling images out of magazines and story articles that I like. I’m not sure where that interest is leading but I’m sure it will lead somewhere.”