‘Parenthood’ Scoop: Lauren Graham And Ray Romano Chat About Sarah And Hank’s Relationship


Sarah and Mark may have moved in together during Tuesday night’s Parenthood, but that doesn’t mean getting cable will help the relationship. After seeing Sarah’s expression while chatting to Adam at the hospital about the Hank kiss, it’s clear that Ray Romano will be guest starring on the NBC series for a little bit longer. During a recent conference call with Lauren Graham and Ray Romano, the two actors talked about the budding relationship and if Mark should start getting concerned. Plus, does Graham think age is working in Hank’s favor?

“I think they’ve written this sort of slowly developing relationship between these two people have a past and who have pain in that past,” Graham begins about Hank and Sarah. “There’s something about each other that they like, has been really, really, really fun and very nice for me to have as a piece of moving my character forward.” But as fans know, Sarah’s been the odd one out since Crosby got hitched at the end of season three. She’s now the only Braverman sibling not technically settled down. “She often makes the wrong decisions but I think in this story you see what is so compelling and that’s what’s interesting to me. Like I don’t mind doing – being flawed and, sort of making these reckless choices. But you want it to come from someplace and I think it definitely – you see what’s appealing about him.”

For many, hearing about Romano’s stay on the show worried Sarah and Mark shippers. (As if that concern has ever completely disappeared.) It even went as far as disliking Hank before even giving the guy a chance. But that wasn’t surprising—not even to Romano. “I was scared walking into this because I didn’t know where they were going to go with the character exactly,” he reveals. “I was like, ‘Oh, I got to go up against Jason Ritter? I got to go up against a 30 year old stud?’ And I was scared crapless.” Thankfully though, “people have taken to the character and kind of enjoy the character. What they’ll say when things get a little more ‘complicated’ I don’t know. But I’m going to stay off the Internet from here on in.”

So how will Sarah and Hank’s relationship progress? “I think she’s had a tough time. She hasn’t really settled down. This is still someone who is just finding a career who is, just sort of re-identifying herself as not—she’s kind of done everything for her kids and just survived and now is, you know, trying to define who she is,” Graham says about the recent move in with Mark. “I don’t know what the future for her is but I try to sort of take it as I get the information. And to me this Hank story is compelling and given kind of the issues she’s had in the relationship with Mark and kind of being in very different life places, I think it makes sense. It’s – I think it makes sense.”

But what doesn’t make sense, is assuming that Sarah may choose Hank in the end because of the smaller age difference. “I think Ray’s character could be lots of different ages and it’s the person, and I think the same with Mark and Sarah,” Graham adds. “I think it’s just the differences between the people and the dynamic between them. I mean, we’ve seen Hank’s daughter once, which was a good connection they made. But I don’t know, I think it’s just something about the two of them.”

And perhaps even something that will most likely continue throughout the season. But to what extent, no one really knows yet. “We still don’t really know what is going to happen, nor does the creator of the show,” Graham says. I mean, one of the funny things about this show is he [Jason Katims] kind of adjusts as things go along, and kind of picks up on the threads that are interesting to him more than maybe they do on most shows that are – which is not to say it’s not planned.”


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