‘Parenthood’ Actors Mae Whitman And Matt Lauria Ship Amber And Ryan Too!


Well, why wouldn’t they? Looks like Mae Whitman and Matt Lauria are having a great time on the Parenthoodset together. Amber and new character Ryan York are hitting it off, and looking absolutely adorable all the while. After all, didn’t Ryan seem to find the Braverman’s tradition of mixing sodas together funny? Plus, Amber has already seen how well he can blend in at family baseball games too. “Oh my God, you fit right in.”

Over the past week both Whitman and Lauria have been commenting on Twitter about the two characters, and it seems like shippers of these two will definitely get to enjoy a few more episodes with them together. Come on now, you know you saw a spark too! “So far, six…with more coming!” Lauria responded to a fan on how many episodes he’ll be appearing on.

But could another guy already be coming into the picture? It’s possible, you guys. But luckily he’s only fictional. ::tear:: “Do you guys think riggins is gonna be mad at me when I get home Tonight for cheating on him with like cafferty? :/” Whitman joked. Seems as though the gal has a crush on Tim Riggins too. Not that we could blame the girl. As many Parenthood fans know, the same unbelievably talented minds from Friday Night Lights such as Jason Katims and Peter Berg also head up the Braverman crew.



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