‘Go On’ Scoop: Matthew Perry “Really Excited” About Lauren Graham Guest Starring


As many Parenthood fans know, Lauren Graham will be stopping by another NBC show this season, leaving Mark and Hank behind. But don’t worry—it’ll only be for a bit! It recently was announced that the Gilmore Girlsalum would be catching up with old friend Matthew Perry on his new comedy hit Go On. The series just got a full-season pickup, and it’s clear that Perry couldn’t be happier for the new storyline that will begin Nov. 20. During a recent conference call, Perry discussed Graham’s role and why it may shift what audiences have been so used to seeing from his character Ryan King.

“My friend Lauren Graham agreed to come on the show, which we were really excited about and she plays a character named Amy who was an old college buddy of mine,” he reveals. “There was some sparks back in college, but then my character got married. And now that things have changed in his life, Amy, Lauren Graham, comes back and it’s – it was really fun to work with her again and she’s just so good.”

The exchange between Ryan and Amy will be the first for fans. After all, the show is a comedy rooted by a very terrible tragedy of a guy losing his wife. Pursuing any type of love interest is something Ryan will have to get used to again. “That’s the interesting thing about this show is we couldn’t pursue any potential romances or any of that for a while because of the situation he’s in,” Perry adds. “But, just like any person, he’s going to sort of grow and move forward and part of that will be what’s now much delayed but, some dating and some getting himself out there stuff.” Perry is clearly happy about the show’s choice in Graham too. Later adding, “Couldn’t ask for a better person to come on the show and sort of jumpstart that.”


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