‘Battle Of The Seasons’ Exit Interview: Cara Maria Holds Nothing Back About Big Easy, Abe And The Rookie Strategy


The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons player and MTV veteran Cara Maria is definitely just as outspoken and feisty as you think she’d be! Recently, huge fans of the series got to witness both Cara Maria and Brandon check out of the competition, leaving their fellow Fresh Meat teammates Camila and Big Easy to hold out for another week. But does she think they will make it? Based on her opinion of Eric, we’d say probably not.

I chatted with Cara Maria recently about the show, and what she really thought about the arena competition against Sarah and Chet. What’s even better? She laid out in complete detail what she truly thinks about the rookies taking over the vets this season. Her response brings back some names we’d love to see next time around.

What was your take on your Fresh Meat team? You definitely didn’t seem to get along.

CARA MARIA SORBELLO: Well, I mean, the fact that we were a team in the first place was a big surprise to us – the group was pulled together so last-minute. I know- I actually – for the record – think Laurel and Evelyn got wind of the fact that Big Easy might be on Fresh Meat team…and as soon as they heard Big Easy, they’re like, ‘I’m not doing this show.’ And I think that was a big part of them saying no to the show, and for me? I’m like, ‘Hey, I’m not turning down a trip to Turkey, so I’ll go.’  You know, and I love Brandon – Brandon is my boy; he’s my ultimate competitor.

What was the vibe like with Big Easy not pulling his weight?
It’s insane. We’ve only done three episodes so far: the first one he fell, the second one he never actually had to compete, and the third one he fell. At that point, I’m so over it. I’m like, ‘There’s no way I’m ever going to make it to a final with this.’ The only way I think that making it to a final would be possible is me and Camila sacrificing our selves and Big Easy going home in elimination, and let the other half of the Fresh Meat team take it. He lost weight, but he needs to work on some pull-ups or something.

You would think that Big Easy should have just volunteered every single time to go into the arena. Your team never could come to a decision.
I mean, nobody wants to volunteer to be in the elimination, but if it’s your fault that we’re Team Fail…I remember one particular challenge on Cutthroat, we were hanging upside-down and throwing a ball back and forth and I just could not hack it – I just couldn’t do it. And I was like, ‘I realize I did a real bad job. I will go ahead and be in that elimination. I’ve got to prove that I need to be here.’ And the fact that Big Easy not only fell once, he fell twice, he should have manned up and said, ‘this is my fault. If I should really be here, then I should go in.’ I didn’t want to be a jerk, but I didn’t want to stand next to him when we were doing the credits. The last thing I want to do is be tied to him while we’re trying to bring a rope through the monkey bars, but still. He still should have. Brandon literally carried the weight. The person who goes first has the most work to do on that hang-up challenge, and Brandon did his job. He did.

Who did you think was going to be your biggest threat, and whom weren’t you so worried about?
Well, I mean, it was obvious that San Diego, Cancun and Vegas were going to be a tough team. I actually thought Austin was going to be tough – especially with Danny and Wes. I was surprised they went as fast as they did. But they must’ve thought that they could walk into a team and own it, but I guess the new kids had another idea, and immediately threw them into their place right away. I guess they didn’t care. [Laughs]

Did you think that everyone was going to gun for Danny and Melinda the following week?
I almost thought that it would be smart to try to keep around a team of two, you know? So that it’s easier to not come in last I guess – because a team of two would probably have a disadvantage in some of these things, and sometimes it might be an advantage. I just thought they might keep Team Austin around, but unfortunately they got in last and we got voted last, and it went out that way. It was probably a hell of an experience.

As a fan of the show, you expect every season that the vets are going to take out the rookies.
There are strengths in numbers. That’s the only way to put it: there’s strength in numbers. If there were more vets – if there were all of us vets and Team San Diego – we’d be the first every time. The only rookies that came in that made a good impression were Leroy and Mike Mike. And when we heard that we were getting a replacement or whatever, the guys were all like, ‘Haha, we’re good.’ You know, Kenny, and Wes, and everybody’s just all like, ‘we’re gonna be here. They’re gonna go in every time.’ But they came in and they were so cool that they ended up just lasting through ‘cause they were great guys. Unfortunately, cocky people that are too big for their britches—the only thing that they have is that there are more of them than us. If any of the new kids walked through a season with Kenny, Evan Wes, and Johnny – any of them all together – then it would be a different story.

Definitely. How was the actual arena? Your competition looked absolutely exhausting.
That was the hardest elimination I have ever done! Not only do you have 10 minutes to tie this rope, you also have to untie what the other person does. First of all, this was endurance, this was strategy, and we’re going up against Chet and Sarah. Sarah’s the puzzle queen. She ties these knots at camp all day. You got me and Brandon – I swear to God, the only way I can describe it is like we were two caveman banging rocks together, because we’re both strong, but we’re not 100% there when it comes to brains I guess. [Laughs] Sarah and Chet had this elaborate spider web made for us, and they’re dragging each other through it, pulling the rope bit by bit. Brandon and I are literally just trying to muscle this rope and trying to grab the whole entire rope and shove it through, and we just couldn’t do it. [Laughs] We tried. We tried so hard.

It looked like such a close race, too. Or was that just editing?
No, it was a lot closer than we thought! We didn’t make much of a knot for Sarah and Chet to tie. We went around a loop once and then we got tangled up in ourselves. And so I’m like, ‘Throw it up in a pile and flop it together.’ And that’s what they had to untie, because we screwed up after our first knot. They literally just had a pile of rope on the floor to untangle. They just kind of had to move around and we had a spider web to untangle.

What’s it like when you get eliminated from the game?
You literally walk off the arena, get in a car, go to a hotel, put your crap together, and fly home three hours later. They’re literally like, ‘Okay. Bye!’ [Laughs]

What was one of your favorite moments on the show?
Aw, they didn’t show it! My actual favorite moment – and there wasn’t a lot of them because, unfortunately, I couldn’t be my happy, fun self because we were literally in the shitter from the moment we walked on the team – and it was hard to get in the party, happy zone when you know you’re just going into elimination every time. Our team was really just screwed. But my favorite moment was when Camila and me were putting on face- masks. She made tea and got little pieces of cheese and other stuff and put them on a plate. And we’re having teatime. It was just the most hysterical – the people who were filming it were just laughing their asses off at us; we’re talking in English accents. Camila and Big Easy had just done the fall thing back and forth, and I was like, ‘How can we handle these falls?’ And they didn’t film any of it. The production was in tears laughing at us. I hope the MTV blog puts it on or something. I really had fun with Camila in that moment. It was funny!

Speaking of what fans haven’t seen, any other drama or hookups?
No, it’s all pretty much laid out there. Zach and Jonna are always in the corner doing their thing. Big Easy and Devan are just kind of warming up, which is really awkward. It’s pretty standard; it’s all laid out there. Nothing’s been hidden.

Was Trishelle the only person who thought Sarah was manipulative with Alton?
I forgot about Sarah! I was not a big Team Vegas fan at all. Go Team Brooklyn! 

If you could have a redo, whom would you choose as your team from the current cast?
Camila. And Brandon. I love him. And hey, we’ll take C.J. Anybody! I’ll keep my team. I’m happy with my team, minus one!

How are you and Abe doing? Would he ever think to come back on a challenge with you?
You know, to be honest with you, we both agreed that  – he’s here in Boston. He moved out to Boston. We’re riding horses together, and we’re working together. We’re together. It’s been almost a week [Laughs] As far as doing a challenge with one another we both agreed that we’re both stronger when we’re on our own. When I’m with him, I feel like I’m at home and that I’m not really at a challenge. I’m too comfortable. He just has a lot more fire when he’s doing his own thing and he doesn’t have to worry about me, or I’m not annoying him.

What are some things that you guys like to do on your downtime that fans might not know?
It’s pretty standard. We ride horses together, and we paint together. We dress up together [Laughs] There’s a lot actually, but nothing that anyone would actually be surprised about.

So, it’s safe to say that you guys would both do a challenge again?
We absolutely both would, but hopefully not on the same show! It’s just easier when we’re not together. As long as they ask me, I will be back. I wouldn’t pass that up.


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