‘Friday Night Lights’ Film Scoop: Executive Producer Jason Katims Still Game


As so many other Friday Night Lights fans would agree, I’ve left my heart in Texas and would very much like it better one of these days. The film reunion of the NBC series so many of us are holding out for has been basically promised, but that doesn’t mean the Dillon Panthers will be reuniting in time for the next football season. During a recent conference call for Parenthood, Executive Producer Jason Katims (of both series) tried to once again break the news gently.

“We are still trying to make it, but right now there’s no new news. It’s a lot of people’s schedules that kind of have to come together to do it,” he admitted. “It’s something that myself and Peter Berg and Brian Grazer passionately want to do, and its just sort of putting all the pieces together.”

In other words, Taylor Kitsch please don’t ever make another film unless its as Tim Riggins, feel free Zach Gilford to take some time off from The Mob Doctor, and Connie Britton please stop being so charming and wonderful on your new hit show Nashville.


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