‘Battle Of The Seasons’ Exit Interview: Melinda Reveals Danny Fight That Probably Sent Them Packing


Melinda, Danny, Johanna and Wes. The Team Austin foursome that will go down in Real World history. Right? During the recent Challenge: Battle of the Seasons that’s currently airing, exes Melinda and Danny were just as surprised as the fans to realize that they would have to work together to win some cash. Unfortunately though, awkwardness between the two wouldn’t be their only problem. After one week of games and drama, teammates Wes and Lacey were sent home, making it much easier for the rest of the cast to just throw Melinda and Danny into the arena the following week.

Well rookies, you got your wish. Recently, Melinda chatted with me about her early flight home, and what it was like actually seeing and working with Danny again. As he pointed out during one particular show, no one has ever had to work alongside his girlfriend, fiance, wife and now ex-wife throughout these challenges before.

So check out what Melinda’s point of view was on all of this and whether or not Team Austin even hangs out off camera. Plus, what was it like going against Big Easy and Camila in the arena, and why couldn’t she stop laughing about Wes?

What were your first thoughts returning to The Challenge and did you know your Team Austin roommates were going to be there?
MELINDA STOLP: My first thoughts about returning to the challenge was that I hope I’m not on a team! Haha. But I did know that my Austin roommmates were going to be there, and I was excited about the opportunity to hang with them and have a good time.

What was it like immediately finding out you would be working with Danny? Were you nervous at all seeing him again after a few years?
It was stressful and almost nauseating to know I would have to work with Danny because I felt like in the past I was always held responsible for whatever he did while on a challenge. I was excited for this opportunity thinking I would only have to stand up for myself, only that wasn’t the case. I wasn’t nervous to see him. Only about having to work with him on a team.

What were your first thoughts when Wes and Lacey went home first?
I was actually pretty pissed off. I was like, “Great now I’m stuck here on a two person team after I thought we had this elmination round.” I was thinking, “What the hell have I signed myself up for?”

Did you and Danny have a strategy after that? How did you work together, and who did you think were your biggest threats?
Our strategy was to just try to get through the next round without coming in last, and hopefully staying under the radar now that Wes was gone. But one night Danny got pretty drunk, and was trying to peg teams against their own teammates and it became a mess. I knew that the target wasn’t going to be anywhere else but on our backs, regardless of what the outcome of the next challenge would be. I think we worked pretty well together considering everything, but the oil wrestling challenge was no way in our favor. We would of had to go way more than the other teams. We were at an unfair disdvantage. Every team at that point was our biggest threat because we were outnumbered and our moral was beatened.

If you could have done one thing different, what would it have been?
Hmm, I probably would’ve partied even more. Lol..

What was some of your favorite moments with the rest of the cast? Anything surprise you about some moments or people?
I really loved when we went to drink and swim at a hotel. It was so beautiful in Turkey, just breathtaking. My favorite moment though was probably just hanging out with Brandon and the Brooklyn cast. They always kept me laughing and made the stay there easier. I seriously love all of them. My biggest surprise about some of the castmates were how scared of Wes they were. It was actually pretty hilarious to sit back and watch. Wes came into this challenge ready to party and have a good time and the rookies all either kissed his ass or tried to fight him. I loved it.

Yeah, it definitely seemed like the rookies were taking over in this one.
I think the competition was pretty good, but they all played a weird game. Usually it’s smart to get rid of the strong players right away and the rookies on this challenge saw it the other way around. Kind of strange.

What was it like in the arena with Big Easy and Camila? Did you think you had a good chance at winning? Did you know immediately that you had lost?
This was really anybody’s game because you couldnt see how well you were doing or how well the other team was doing. But to be honest, my heart just wasn’t in this game after Wes and Lacey left. I knew we were in a bad situation, and it wasn’t going to get better. For the first time I was considered a vet and it was a rookies game, where every other challenge I was a rookie in a vets game. Damn, can I get a break? Haha. I had no clue at the end who won until I counted the balls, but Eric had me pretty well covered.

Fans of the series will always remember you, Danny, Wes and Johanna to sort of be a group. Do you ever catch up with one another? What’s that dynamic like now?
Oh yes, Johanna is one of my best friends and we chat when we can, but we have two very different lives so sometimes it gets hard. But when we do connect its like no time has passed. Wes is like a brother to me, I seriously love that kid. The dynamic is quite interesting, but other than this challenge you would probably never see all of us in one place together, unless there is a wedding. But no matter what, they are a twisted part of my life and will forever hold a place in my heart.

Would you ever do another challenge?
I def. would do another challenge, but I wouldnt want to be on a team. I’d wanna do a duel or something where if I missed up that’s on me and I don’t have to worry about how other people perform. BUT, honestly I would love Bunim-Murray to do a Real World All-Stars and bring me back! Now that would be AWESOME!


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