‘Guys With Kids’ Exclusive: Anthony Anderson And EP Charlie Grandy Preview New Series


Creator Jimmy Fallon has brought his vision of Guys with Kids to the small screen, with an audience of 4.8 million in its first week. Featuring Anthony Anderson, Jesse Bradford and Zach Cregger, the new NBC comedy shows the ups and downs new dads go through even though they still act like children themselves.Sopranos and Cosby Show alum Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Tempestt Bledsoe also star.

During a recent conference call with lead Anderson and Executive Producer Charlie Grandy, the guys clued us in on some details about the new series, and why audiences shouldn’t compare it to what they may have already seen. There won’t be any gags about changing a diaper or having to do laundry in this one.

“Working with the fellas and being the only father, it’s more like, “Hey Anthony, am I supposed to hold the baby like this?’ And like, ‘No, you’re not supposed to hold the baby by its ankles!” Anderson explains about being the only father in the triple lead. “We just have a lot of fun just finding jokes amongst ourselves with regard to that. But, they are amazed at how my babies remain calm throughout the day. One, it could have been I just got a great set of twins to work with, but also the experience I have being a father. Knowing how to hold the baby. Knowing how to rock a baby. Just knowing things as a parent. So they turn to me like, ‘Hey Anthony, how did you get them to calm down just now when he was doing that?’ And its like, you know, ‘Go talk to the baby.’ I find myself talking to a 9-month old toddler,” he laughs.

With a talent like Jimmy (who first came up with the show when envisioning three dads turning around with babies strapped in) there’s definitely a chance for some great guest stars to walk on set. “There are so many people and so many names we’re kicking around. We aim high,” Grandy admits. “Sigourney Weaver really made me laugh in Baby Momma. I like guest stars when they do things you don’t expect them to do. I like to incorporate people from the drama world.”

There’s even a Breaking Bad star the EP has in mind. “I don’t know whom he’d play, but I would love to have Brian Cranston on the show, especially because he’s done comedy and now Breaking Bad. It’s just always fun when we do something new with someone. And obviously when you have Jamie-Lynn and Tempestt on the show everyone’s like, ‘Oh get [James] Gandolfini. Get [Bill] Cosby,’ but you just don’t know. You have no idea what’s going to work and what not.”


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