Best TV Soundtracks: ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Music Includes Biggest TV Theme Song


As many iTunes lovers and Youtube fanatics understand, music (old and new) has become a huge factor on hit television shows and both the show and artists featured benefit from the collaboration. Ever YouTube a certain scene from your favorite show for hours on end? Did it have a catchy song that you immediately downloaded? Yes, the odds are that you have.

Television show soundtracks are an obsession over here and the music played make that specific scene that much more memorable. Take Dawson’s Creek, for example. Its theme song (and our favorite show song to date) put singer Paula Cole on the map. It also also continues to remind fans everywhere of Pacey, Joey and Dawson when the song comes on the radio. You know, the good ole’ days when the kids just walked on the beach, not arguing just yet about a love triangle or who’s going to tell Jen she’s been getting out of control lately.

Anyways, check out 10 of our favorite songs from the WB series (RIP) and stay tuned weekly here at Ology for a look back and a look forward to some of the best soundtracks that some of the greatest television shows have featured. Some of our collection will of course include One Tree HillThe O.C.Friday Night Lights and even current series like Glee and The Newsroom.

1. Chantal Kreviazuk- “Feels Like Home”

2. Heather Nova- “London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)”

3. Sixpence None The Richer- “Kiss Me”

4. Sarah McLachlan- “I Will Remember You”

5. Billie Myers- “Kiss the Rain”

6. Evan and Jaron- “Crazy For This Girl”

7. Five for Fighting- “Superman”

8. Nine Days- “If I Am”

9. Les Miserables- “On My Own” (Come on, this was a must!)

10. Paula Cole- “I Don’t Want To Wait”


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