Big Brother’ Showmances: 10 Best And Worst In History


Big Brother uses a lot of key terms in the house, and over the years houseguests have added to the list. (That we all diehard fans would love to utter because then you’d meet Julie Chen, but immediately regret it, realizing you’d be stuck inside all summer with a bunch of strangers.) In any case, there’s Head of Household, Power of Veto, backdooring, double eviction and the always entertaining showmance. Danielle and Shane seem to have one this year (haha, no) but there’s definitely been more memorable ones over the years. After dwindling it down, here’s the five best and five worst romances we actually care about.

BEST: Jeff and Jordan are by far the best showmance in Big Brother history. Jeff recently told Julie Chen he’s got a due date on proposing and they moved in together. Plus, Jeff is HOT even if he’s going a little grey. Like, really hot. Keep Jesse away, bring back Jeff and Jordan more often in future competitions to host. Please and thank you.

WORST: Jesse, Lydia and Natalie. Minus the Natalie. She actually thought she belonged in this showmance. The two did it on camera and Lydia and Natalie later cried during Jesse’s funeral. You know, when he got evicted from the house. Some of these people even belonged to what some called the Nerd Herd. I wonder why.

BEST: Drew and Diane in season 5 really started a romance in the Big Brother house. Like, really. They make it on the list as one of the best because after canoodling all season Drew actually evicted her when they were in the bottom three. Yep, good ole’ Michael the cowboy stayed instead. Word has it the two reconciled after the show though.

WORST: Boogie, what were you thinking? Sure, he seems to be a great businessman outside the house, but apparently the guy isn’t all that smooth in the love department. He proposed to Krista on live television, but the two later called it quits. A few years later (even though he won at one time) a certain kid named Ian salted the BB wounds when he betrayed him and kicked him out of the house.

BEST: Daniele and Nick didn’t seem to be all that interesting in season 8 at first, but that always changes when you have the girl’s dad under the same roof. Plus, Nick was just really adorable. The two were clearly just a fling, but it gave viewers something else to look at besides Evil Dick and Jen always fighting.

WORST: “BRENDANNNN!!!” Oh, Rachel and Brendan. The Brigade and everyone else may have hated you whole-heartedly but at least you stayed together once the show ended! Even after Brendan was caught on Skype doing something really nasty that CBS wouldn’t approve of! Anywho, the two mirrored what they did in the house recently by getting married. When we asked Brendan a few days prior to come join our live chats, he replied, “@ologize We would if we weren’t practicing our wedding dance. :)”

BEST: Eric and Jessica were too cute for words. Who honestly thought these two would ever get together? The duo competed in season 8 together, but eventually decided to go their separate ways once it ended. He did throw out an “I love you” though in her goodbye message.

WORST: Kristen was out the door pretty quickly and its all because of Hayden. Well, sort of. The two made out a few times (yes, even when she was dressed in that leotard), but she eventually got kicked out because he obviously had an alliance going on with The Brigade. The duo were just…annoying. (PS: We love you Hayden.)

BEST: Will and everyone will always be the most amazing showmance in Big Brother history. Whether it be with BOOGIE, Janelle or Shannon, Dr. Will clowned everyone in that house and made out with some showmances along the way. He’s so sneaky and disloyal and adorable all at the same time.

WORST: Danielle is CRAZY about Shane and Shane is just not having it. Come on now girl, if Shane really wanted to hookup with you don’t you think he would have done it already? YES. ABSOLUTELY. ALL OF THE ABOVE. This is the worst showmance ever because (HELLO!) it really isn’t a showmance AT ALL.


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