Are The Savages The Luckiest Brothers In Hollywood?


There’s so many very talented (and extremely attractive) famous brothers in Hollywood. When someone mentions a great sibling duo in the business many will start rattling off Ben and Casey Affleck, Mark and Donnie Wahlberg and even a sports pair like Eli and Peyton Manning. But, aren’t we all forgetting possibly one of the best brothers out there? Fred and Ben Savage. Yep. The two may not be in the limelight so much these days (Fred being behind the scenes directing shows like Modern FamilyHappy Endings and 2 Broke Girls), but guaranteed they’re talked about on a daily basis. After all, how could you forget Kevin Arnold and Cory Matthews? You can’t.

Chat about the shows you grew up with and most will say The Wonder Years and Boy Meets World. Having made two of the best characters in television history, it’s hard not to consider the two actors the luckiest and best in the business.

But if you disagree, comment below and check out some other famous bros here:

1. Mark and Donnie Wahlberg
2. Ben and Casey Affleck
3. Owen and Luke Wilson
4. The Jacksons
5. Charlie and Emilio Estevez
6. Seth and Josh Meyer
7. James and Dave Franco
8. The Jonas Brothers
9. Tiki and Ronde Barber
10. Eli and Peyton Manning
11. Jeff and Beau Bridges
12. The O’Connells
13. The Baldwins
14. Matt and Kevin Dillon
15. The Wayans
16. Joaquin and River Phoenix
17. John and James Belushi
18. Omar and Cuba Gooding Jr.
19. The Cohens
20. The Wachowskis
21. Chris and Danny Masterson
22. Prince William and Prince Harry
23. Liam and Chris Hemsworth
24. Jason and Robert Schwartzman


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