Backstreet’s Back: Top 25 Best Backstreet Boy Songs


The Backstreet Boys are back! (But for all of us fangirls out there, we know they never went anywhere to begin with.) The boys have been touring with New Kids on the Block, but it wasn’t until Friday at Good Morning America when the guys officially made a live reunion appearance with Kevin Richardson now back in the group. The band will be heading out for a BSB boat cruise come October 2013, but for now let’s check out the Top 25 songs they’ve ever done.

WARNING: This was very difficult to list, so feel free to jot down below your choices in order. Clearly, everyone out there has their favorites!

25. “Climbing the Walls”

24. “Don’t Want You Back”

23. “If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)”

22. “Crawling Back To You”

21. “I Still”

20. “Hey Mr. DJ”

19. “Just Want You To Know”

18. “Straight Through My Heart”

17. “Bigger”

16. “The One”

15. “More Than That”

14. “Incomplete”

13. “Shape Of My Heart”

12. “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely”

11. “Get Down”

10. “We’ve Got It Goin On”

9. “Anywhere For You”

8. “The Call”

7. “All I Have To Give”

6. “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”

5. “Larger Than Life”

4. “Quit Playing Games”

3. “Everybody”

2.  “As Long As You Love Me”

1. “I Want It That Way”


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