Top 10 Teen Show Theme Songs


There’s a slew of popular teen dramas out there (new and old) that have memorable characters and repeat-worthy soundtracks. But what’s most important about a show sometimes is the actual theme song. Some are written specifically for the series, but it doesn’t matter either way. After all, I know that whenever “I Don’t Want To Wait” by Paula Cole comes on the radio, I’ll be thinking about Dawson’s Creek over in Capeside.

From Pretty Little Liars, to a song like Friday Night Lights where no words are necessary, here’s a breakdown of the top 10 theme songs from some of the biggest teen dramas to date.

PS: And yes, both Savage boys made the list!

10. Pretty Little Liars

9. Degrassi

8. Beverly Hills 90210

7. Saved By The Bell

6. Boy Meets World

5. Friday Night Lights 

4. The O.C. 

3. One Tree Hill

2. The Wonder Years

1. Dawson’s Creek


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