6 Male TV Characters That Ruined My Expectations


It all started with the kids at Capeside. Throw in the kid from the wrong side of the tracks in Chino and a Jim that can make you giggle by just a quick smirk to the camera and you’ve basically nailed my childhood. My upbringing? My pathetic obsession over male characters that I always wished were real in my own life? Yes, I guess we’ll go with that.

John Krasinki, Nick Wechsler, James Lafferty, Joshua Jackson, Benjamin McKenzie and Jake Johnson have all captured adorableness on screen, all the while breaking hearts slowly. Some memorable characters have stayed with fans for years, and some have just started. But what do they all have in common? I would very much like to date all these boys. In no particular order, here are the television characters I’ve been swooning over for the past 10-plus and will continue to do so. No need to drop any of them; the more the merrier.

Jim Halpert (The Office)
Why He’s A Catch: That FACE. He’ll make a boring office day go by quick and can make you swoon with just one look. Seriously, you won’t even be wondering why he feels the need to stare back at a camera all day.
Boyfriend Material: During “Casino Night” when he finally told Pam how he felt. Sorry, Roy, he may have stole your girl but we still love him for it.

Jack Porter (Revenge)
Why He’s A Catch: He’s that cliché lots of girls want. The boy next door that you grew up with and you fall in love with years later.
Boyfriend Material: He’ll stay behind to help the family bar while pushing his dreams to the side. Plus, he’ll confess his love for you on a pier with fireworks up above and kiss you later on in front of a fireplace.

Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill)
Why He’s A Catch: He’s the typical athletic bad boy that ends up doing anything for his family. He’ll also get rid of that dreadful nipple piercing after a few years too.
Boyfriend Material: No matter what the hardship, he will love you–always and forever. He also will give you a sweet Cracker Jack box bracelet.

Pacey Witter (Dawson’s Creek)
Why He’s A Catch: The first crush will always be a soft spot. He’s the ultimate friend turned boyfriend that never thinks he’s good enough. He will help you become a better person and vice versa.
Boyfriend Material: Pass on the jewelry, just count to 10 and kiss. He’ll also buy you a wall and remember items your mother may have given you.

Ryan Atwood (The O.C.)
Why He’s A Catch: Okay, so there’s a recurring bad boy obsession here. He’s the new guy, rough on the surface, but basically becomes the sweetest guy. He doesn’t mind throwing a punch and we don’t mind having him defend us.
Boyfriend Material: He’ll watch out for you in case there’s a crazy Oliver-type, will adorably agree to celebrate holidays like Chrismukkah and will kiss you on the ferris wheel.

Nick Miller (New Girl)
Why He’s A Catch: He makes a fantastic impression after only knowing him for a few months. He may still have roommates, but he’ll be fun and will know when he’s being a douchebag.
Boyfriend Material: He’s a close second to Pacey Witter. He’ll tell you when to stop singing for your own sake and will always be looking out for you. Sweet and funny, you’ll even find his tomato growing experiment endearing.


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