Exclusive: Jennifer Beals On New Edgy Series ‘Lauren,’ Working With Troian Bellisario


As Pretty Little Liars slowly comes to a close on August 28 (stay strong fans!), Troian Bellisario is set to star in a new three-episode series alongside Jennifer Beals. Playing Commanding Officer Major Jo Stone in the WIGS show Lauren, the Flashdance actress acts as a confidant for Lauren (Bellisario), trying to warn her that as a military woman, she’ll come under intense scrutiny for revealing that she’s been sexually assaulted.

With such an edgy and provocative storyline, Lauren premieres tonight on just the right platform. WIGS showcases topics just like this, and is currently the #1 scripted channel on YouTube.

Beals was immediately drawn to the project, and told Ology how being on the internet was a big reason for this. “There’s a certain playfulness and a certain feeling that there are no real parameters yet in this platform because it hasn’t been around long enough so it doesn’t feel like there’s any dogma attached to it yet so that was really exciting,” she admits. “We shot each episode in a day and so that was – three episodes is really only three days at work but it was really exciting because you feel like you’re truly collaborating. Jon [Avnet] and Rodrigo [Garcia] and Lesli [Linka Glatter] are all very wonderful collaborators. They make you feel like your opinion matters and that everybody is there to really contribute something and it’s valuable.”

As for her 27-year-old costar, she couldn’t have been happier working on set with the PLL star. “I loved working with Troian. I think she is so focused and so disciplined. We really had a great time and really supported one another through what was emotionally very difficult material and very exciting material in that way for an actor.  It was – I think the actors we like the pain.”

Pain and getting into dark subject matters, that is. As a viewer, you can’t help but wonder how difficult it must be for an actor to fully immerse themselves in such a character and scenario. But to our surprise, it actually was an all-around great experience for Beals. “There’s something kind of wonderful when you’re able to go down into that darkness and experience that darkness for the stories sake, for the character sake and for anybody’s benefit who might be watching it and might need to see that story,” she says. “So in that way it was exciting and that pain is gratifying in a way. I just was excited to come to work every day. I was really excited to come to work and I was sad that it ended so quickly because each episode that we shot was only a day.”


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