‘Awkward.’ Exclusive: Is Greer Grammer Team Matty Or Team Jake?


Team Matty or Team Jake? You know you’ve made your choice and apparently, so have some of the actors! During a recent chat with Greer Grammer, who plays the WWJD cross wearing beauty, she revealed to me which guy she would choose. Does she go for more of the jock type or the sweet and innocent? Oh,Awkward. How we love that you give us both to choose from!

Greer didn’t necessarily pick depending on the MTV character though. Instead, she went for which guy she would choose in real life. (Gotta love that about her.) So, who would she not have minded linking arms with down the halls of her high school? Read on to find out!

“Well, I don’t know if this is exactly the right answer but I am definitely Team Matty. And I think that if I had to choose which guy I would fall for it would probably be Matty. I think for the most part, especially in high school, girls love the idea of the ‘nice guy’ and the ‘perfect’ boy, which would be Jake. But it’s the popular jock guy that every girl wants that grabs you and steals your heart,” Greer admits and we (sorry guys) totally agree with! “And although Matty has done some douchey stuff in the past, it was really just because he was immature and didn’t know how to handle things, he’s a sweet guy too. He has a sensitive side and he cares. *sigh* I just love Matty! Hahaha.”

What do you think about Greer’s choice? How do you think Jake will handle the Matty and Jenna news? Comment below and chat everything Awkward here with other fans!


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