‘Awkward.’ Interview: Greer Grammer On Cast Inside Jokes, Jenna And Sadie Relationships


Awkward. is just so awkward. In a good way, of course. Greer Grammer, who play’s Lissa on the MTV series hit, couldn’t be more ecstatic to be a part of all the chaos and we just love watching her! As Lissa continues to ask what Jesus would do and tries to save her friendship with Jenna, she also recently decided to give her relationship with Sadie another go. Quirky and adorable, I can’t help but think that Greer has some of the same qualities as her character.

Awkward. not only has good storylines, but it’s written so witty that (shocker!) kids can actually relate. Sure there’s a curse occasionally and Tamara just peed her pants last episode, but those incidents happen. Just like the main arc where someone like Jenna is caught between someone as sweet as Jake and an athlete like Matty. The series just got picked up for a third season and Lissa couldn’t be happier. (Just like us!) She chatted with me about where she hopes Lissa is headed, how she thinks she would react if the truth about Jenna and Matt surfaced and inside jokes she shares with the rest of the cast.

(Hint: There’s a lot of Grease and Blossom reenactments that happen on set!)

Congrats on the third season pickup! What was everyone’s reaction? Did you celebrate?

GREER GRAMMER: Thank you so much! Oh my god, I’m so excited! I screamed and jumped around in my car when I found out! I haven’t celebrated yet! Everyone’s reaction is really grateful. We’re just all so thankful to be a part of such an amazing and funny show and to continue on this journey together! We’ve all already sent out emails and texts congratulating one another and just expressed how grateful and blessed we are.

Where would you say your relationship is headed with Jenna this season?

Audiences can expect Lissa and Jenna’s relationship to grow a little bit more. Episode 4 is the big episode where we explore their relationship, but they’ll definitely continue to see the friendliness between them grow.

Will Lissa shut out Sadie completely? What do you think about that relationship?

I think Lissa and Sadie’s relationship has such a funny dynamic. Lissa, although she’s done some mean things in the past, and she realizes that now, is so fun to see with Sadie because I think Lissa is so nice and naive about thing and Sadie knows exactly what she’s doing when she’s manipulating people. Lissa and Sadie’s friendship will grow and continue through the year. Sadie is not getting shut out. She was, but we saw at the end of Episode 4 that Lissa forgives Sadie and is ready to work on their friendship, but she’s definitely more aware of herself and not scared of standing up for herself anymore.

How do you think Lissa would react if she found out about Jenna and Matty?

I think Lissa would definitely be in shock if she found out about Jenna and Matty. I don’t think she would see it coming at all!

Could it be assumed that Jake finds out about Jenna and Matty by the end of the second season?

That could definitely be assumed! All depends on what you want to think happens!

All of you have been together for awhile now. What’s been some of your favorite memories on set?

Every memory on set is a favorite! We all have so much fun working with each other! The cast and I like to always imitate Joey Lawrence’s signature “WOAH!” from Blossom on set a lot. Also, Brett, Jillian, and I love quoting the scene from Grease where Sandy and Danny run into each other at the school pep rally bonfire. Specifically, we do the “What happened to the Danny Zucco I met at the beach?!” “Well, I do not know!” lines. Hahahaha. Just thinking of it makes me laugh. We’re basically all just really goofy on set and have a fun time!

Do you have a favorite episode?

Every episode is my favorite!!! Hahahaha. Um, if I had to pick one, I would have to say that it might be Episode 11 in 2nd season which hasn’t aired yet. It’s just a really fun episode and there are a lot of different things that happen.

What storylines would you love to see Lissa play out in the third season?

I would love to see Lissa get another love interest for third season! We kind of saw the end of hers and Jake’s relationship in season 1 and so I would love for her to have some happy times in a relationship with someone who really cares for her, and isn’t into another girl while dating her hahaha. I think, despite some of the things Lissa has done, that she’s a good person and she deserves that.

High school can definitely be awkward. Can you relate to some of the show’s material?

Oh god, in high school?! Well I went to two high schools, and at my first high school I would have to describe myself as confused, just like most people in high school. I went to an arts boarding school for Freshman and Sophomore year and it was so different from Malibu (where I’ve grown up my whole life). So at 14 I was in a completely different setting with completely different people, so I kind of questioned everything that I had previously known and really had to figure out who I was. And when I left Idyllwild (Arts Academy) at 16, I definitely had more of a feel for it. But I came home and decided to do independent study through Malibu High and pursue acting professionally. So the first two years were my real high school experience and I definitely had to figure out who I was.

Acting is obviously a passion for you! What are three others?

Hmmm, BESIDES acting?! Just normal things I guess! I love hanging out with my friends. I love traveling (although I hate flying). I love to dance. And I love my life as a college student at USC and as a member of my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. (I know that was a little more than 3 things but I had to include all of them!)


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