‘Breaking Dawn’ Star Tinsel Korey On Her Debut EP, Singing On Set


You may recognize Tinsel Korey as Sam’s scarred girlfriend Emily in the hit Twilight Saga franchise, but now fans have the chance to see her in a whole new light, and perhaps even on a stage in the next couple of months. Korey, who’s absolutely wonderful to speak with and extremely talented, chatted with me recently about her music and upcoming release. Music has always been a passion for the talented actress, and now all of her hardwork has paid off with her very first EP!

No bias needed, Korey’s music is absolutely beautiful and my iTunes is ready to make some downloads. “Love Me Let You Go,” “Break of Dawn” and “I Surrender” are just some of her songs that will leave a lasting impression.

New EP comes out at the end of August! When did you know you wanted to get serious about singing?

TINSEL KOREY: I’ve always been doing it side by side and a lot of people haven’t known. I’ve been performing for years now. It’s just that my acting career took off before my music career did and it was always kind of like a juggling act. So I’ve actually been writing songs for a very long time and then this year I was just like, I need to get it done because every year the fans are like, “When is the album coming?” And I’m always like next year next year and finally I was like you know what, I just need to do it this year. So I kind of just put my foot down and made it happen.

Did you need to take some time off from acting projects?

No, I didn’t step away from acting. I’m kind of waiting for the right project right now. So it was a matter of the project. I’m looking for comedy and action right now. So it just kind of just gave me a little bit of a break and I was still auditioning and doing that kind of stuff. But I just told my team I really need to focus on music unless something grand comes up. And so since the beginning of the year, the first four months—just really focusing and I did it at night. So I was able to take meetings and still do auditions and do all that. I just worked pretty much from 7 p.m. to two in the morning.

How long did the process take?

About four months!

How do you feel about the final product?

I mean it’s amazing. I’ve been doing this for a very long time and I’m an independent artist, which means I have to do everything by myself—funds and everything. Since you’re going through the emotions and you’re writing down your lyrics and writing down your songs and to see it all in a package is an amazing feeling. Especially since I did it myself and I don’t have a label backing me, or anything. It’s definitely a proud moment.

You’ve written all the tracks. What’s the process like when you write a song? What’s one of your favorites?

I think “I Surrender” is now my favorite. I wrote that song a few years back, like four years ago, and then when I was looking at my catalog of music to pick which ones I wanted to put on the album that one just kept coming up in my head. Then we reworked it so the original is different. The lyrics are the same, but the music and everything has changed. Just the feeling of inspiration that I get from it now compared to where it was before. It was a little sadder. It’s interesting to see how it has transitioned over the time into this almost like inspiring song about surrendering to love.

Are you planning on going on tour?

I mean yeah, I would love to! I’m very green to music. So a lot of times I don’t know what I’m doing. I would love to go on tour, but I don’t know how that works. I’m learning as I go along, which is really interesting for me to share with my fans because I know a lot of them have aspirations for music. But I definitely want to perform and I have been in the past just figuring out the time and maybe where to perform and just how that all works. I’m learning as I go along. All I know myself is that I love making music. It’s the passion that really is driving me right now. The business stuff I’m sort of finding my step in.

Are the nerves (if any) different between singing and acting?

I don’t think you really lose that nerve. That’s part of the excitement of feeling alive when you’re making art. I think with acting—I’ve been doing it professionally a lot longer so I don’t get as nervous. But with music, the rush and the build up to getting the words out of your mouth is definitely a nerve-racking thing. And then once I start singing it’s like part of your soul. Just jumps out on stage and you’re just like, ‘Oh, okay. I’m all right.’ And you can just live in that beautiful moment of expressing what’s coming through you.

Do you have any rituals before you head into the studio?

I always have tea with lots and lots of honey. That’s something that I have every time I’ve gotten to the studio. I don’t know if I have a tradition. This process has been a lot different just because music wise I was working with my producer on it. There’s this one time when I remember I was trying to write a happy song, because a lot of my songs are really thought provoking and about relationships. I was like, ‘I need to write a happy song.’ But it made me angry and I ended up writing a song that was darker. But it had the intention. I realized you can’t have an intention of going into the studio. If you go in there like, ‘I’m going to do this,’ it’s just not going to happen. I just remember being so frustrated and so angry. I don’t think we ended up using that song. You just have to let what happens in the studio happen and just go with it.

Is there someone you’d love to collaborate with?

Yes. Eminem.

Get out of here. Are you serious?

Yes! I love Eminem, and I love that he is just so free with his expression but also he seems to do a lot fusion with singer songwriters that have this ethereal tone to their voice. I hope that I have that and I just love him as an artist. Eminem would be like my number one person to collaborate.

Would you ever rap?

You know, something that really frustrates me is that I can’t rap! I’ve tried but I can’t do it and it frustrates me to no end! So I keep that for my karaoke nights. [Laughs]

“Love Me Let Me Go” is a favorite. But what about “Break of Dawn?” Did you use some wordplay and get inspired from your time on Breaking Dawn?

No, I think it is a little bit of word play! I did write that song way before I even got Twilight. It had nothing to do with Twilight what so ever. It was definitely a word play when I was thinking about the title but it was also the song that I wanted to pitch to Breaking Dawn. I ended up being a little too late to pitch it. They listened to it and thought everything was great, but unfortunately they had already done the music score to it.

Are there any television shows you’d love to feature your songs on?

Oh my God. There was one television show called Enlightened with with Laura Dern on HBO. It’s all about sort of finding yourself and this holistic type of living and I actually thought that “Seize the Day” would fit perfectly or “I Surrender” would fit perfectly with that show. If I could have my songs anywhere I actually think my songs fit perfectly for a soundtrack or for music in television. And so I’m sort of just trying to cross platform it and see how it works because I feel like there is a lot of story in my songs and they are kind of almost built for film and television.

Did you find yourself singing a lot while filming?

Actually funny enough, the day after we wrapped everyone was kind of hanging out and there was this girl who was singing and then I think it was Alex [Meraz] and Bronson [Pelletier], they were like, “Tinsel, you should song!” So I borrowed her guitar and I serenaded the cast and crew with my song “Letter.” So that was kind of cool.

What a nice memory.

Yeah! It was definitely a cool moment, and also just from getting encouragement from my wolf boys. That was a good thing.

Do you have any plans on celebrating once the EP comes out?

I’ve been thinking about an EP release and just a celebration of that. Right now I’m kind of taking one day at a time, but that’s definitely the next step—to figure out how to celebrate this next chapter in my life!

Will a lot of werewolves be in attendance?

Well, I hope! I’ll be really mad if they don’t. [Laughs] I would hope they would come and support me and they always have with my music, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t show up!

Stay tuned for more with Tinsel about Breaking Dawn: Part 2 set to premiere in November! And don’t forget, her very first EP comes out on August 30!

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