New Girl’ Hannah Simone Is More Than Adorkable, Reveals Passions Besides Acting


Where are the street youths at? How much money is in the douchbag jar right about now and what’s Nick Miller (and his adorable face) up to? New Girl is currently working on its second season, but one can’t help but miss the apartment mate shenanigans while waiting patiently for its return. Not to mention, how many times can a fan really try to play the American Drinking game without really knowing the rules? Well, while you wait for Schmidt to reappear with his silk robe, check out what Hannah Simone enjoys doing when the cameras aren’t rolling. She tells Ology what her three passions are besides playing Cece on the Emmy nominated comedy.

“Food Ology is one,” she says. “I love to cook and create dishes and experiment Ology. That’s a huge passion of mine.” Mind you, she probably won’t be sticking her entire arm in a bowl of batter just to get a rise out of someone in real life.

“I think movie Ology,” she adds. “I like to sit and watch. And in those 90 minutes care and love those characters. It can be somewhat magical. And traveling.”

Though Hannah is on a hugely successful show at the moment, she comes off as one of the sweetest actors around. Adorkable, indeed.

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