‘Vampire Diaries’ Exclusive: There’s A New Bonnie Coming To Town In Season 4


Bonnie Wright may not be in with the vampire crew (and may be the only one on the planet to not love the Salvatore brothers), but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a huge part in leaving fans stunned at the end of the Vampire Diaries season three finale. Basically, Elena turned into a (spoiler!) vampire, she chose Stefan over Damon and Bonnie ultimately looked out for herself and resurrected Klaus. Or, put Klaus in Tyler’s body. OR, put Tyler in Klaus’s body. It all gets very confusing. In any case, during a recent conference call about Kat Graham’s new YouTube show AwesomenessTV, the actress revealed what’s up ahead for Bonnie in the fourth season.

“I think that we’ll possibly show a side of her that’s more darker, a side that Bonnie might not even be ready to deal with. I mean you’ll probably see a dark Bonnie, but nothing is really promised in Vampire Diaries. I honestly don’t know where they’re going with her,” she reveals.

Darker, yes. But anything can ultimately happen in Mystic Falls. “You’re gonna see a Bonnie that’s in more of a vulnerable place. She’s always kind of been vulnerable, but she’s gone through certain things that have made her that way. She’s gonna lose even more than she’s ever lost and she’s going to find a way to fill that hole. And it’s gonna be a little drama, but…”

Wait for it…

“Fans have yet to see Bonnie in the way that they are going to see her in season 4.”

Fine by us, as long as those Salvatore brothers stay intact!


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