‘Vampire Diaries’ Exclusive: Don’t Expect Kat Graham’s Music To Be Featured In Mystic Falls


Sorry Kat Graham music lovers. The actress isn’t planning on having any of her own material appear on the fourth season of the Vampire Diaries. Granted, her songs may have only worked during electrifying vamp biting scenes and high school dances, but when we last chatted with Kat about the series we just couldn’t resist asking just in case.

“I hope not unless Kat Graham, quote on quote, visits the Vampire Diaries.” she reveals. “I don’t think Bonnie could sing my music. I like scoring music for the actual soundtrack, which I’ve done in the past. I’m not really interested in singing my songs other than for myself, if that makes any sense, other than the character of Bonnie.”

But don’t be a witch about it fans. The series has already introduced us to some of the most repeat-worthy tunes:

– Jason Walker, “Down”
– Sanders Bohlke, “The Weight of Us”
– Barcelona, “Come Back When You Come”
– Placebo, “Running Up That Hill”
– Ed Sheeran, “Give Me Love”

Though her music won’t be appearing, Kat and the cast are severely missed (ahem, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley) as they continue to film the show’s fourth season.

The actors are so talented, and their hardwork must have something to do with how they are behind the scenes. “I am very to myself before a scene. I don’t joke around,” Kat admits. “We have the set super quiet all the time. You can hear a pin drop on set. Other than that, I’m not much fun!”

Though she says she’s not, we couldn’t disagree more!

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