Interview: Garcelle Beauvais Keeps Busy With Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’


Garcelle Beauvais has essentially done it all in the entertainment business. She started out as a model, began her acting debut on television, went on to the big screen and is now writing a children’s book. Currently seen on the TBS hit Franklin & Bash, Garcelle has clearly been keeping busy since her Jamie Foxx Show days. In between acting alongside actor faves like Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer, Garcelle caught up with Ology about her new book deal and upcoming film Flight that’s set to open in November. Garcelle plays the ex-wife of Denzel Washington’s character, who eventually gets accused of drinking while on the job.

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OLOGY: You started out modeling. Did you know you eventually wanted to go into acting? How was that transition?

GARCELLE BEAUVAIS: No! I had no idea I wanted to be an actress. It was really sort of like what else do you do? And I thought okay, I’m not going to go to med school. I’d rather do something more creative. And I thought, “Well, what could I do?” Acting just sort of came along and it made sense, and I had my first son Oliver and I didn’t really want to raise him in New York so I thought, “Okay, let’s move to California.” And what’s in Hollywood? Acting! Sort of like a natural transition I guess.

Well, everything obviously turned out great for you! Your new film Flight comes out in a few months. Why’d you want to jump on board?

Well, he–Denzel is amazing. I mean, he just makes you bring your A game. He was just amazing. I think there’s a really big twist in the movie and I think that will grab people. But [Director] Robert Zemeckis and Denzel Washington, how bad could it be?

Was this the first time you ever met Denzel for a project?

No, our kids actually went to school together, but you know, just first time working with him. But I hadn’t seen him in a while so it was good.

Is there anyone else you’d love to work with?

Yeah! I’d love to work with [George] Clooney. There are a lot of amazing people I’d love to work with. I’ve had a great career and I’m open. Open to whatever the universe brings me.

Has there ever been a role you would have loved to do?

Sharon Stone’s part in Basic Instinct. I thought, here’s a strong, sexy, dangerous woman. I would have loved that.

What kind of roles are you usually drawn to? What television shows do you watch?

Well, I’m more into stories that are people. I’m not a big action blow em’ up type of stuff person. Those are not the movies that I gravitate to. I like smaller movies about relationships between people. So I would say, on TV, I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I would say Greys Anatomy would be great. Private Practice. Things that are more about people, I gravitate to.

Are you more drawn to television or film? Or is it all based on how good the script is?

Well, I’ve always favored TV because of my kids, and being a mom. I never really wanted to be away for three or four months at a time. And TV allows me to be home. That’s why I’ve always gravitated to it. But no, I would do films too. If it’s a great part, I’m in.

Speaking of your kids, you’re coming out with a new children’s book!

In October it’s coming out! But I’m really excited about it! It’s something that I’ve had in mind for a long time and I felt like there weren’t any books that spoke to kids of mixed races. And I mean, everybody’s mixed with something now. I’m living in two homes. It’s for kids who go back and forth. It’s from their point of view on going back and forth, but in a loving and beautiful way. It’s an adjustment for everybody to go back and forth like that.

Absolutely. How old are your two twin boys now?

They’re four!

Oh wow. You’re busy!

[Laughs] I just flew back from Miami with them. Let me tell you, oh my God, I was exhausted!

Was that for an early summer vacation?

Yeah, a little vacation, a little work. I hosted an event for a charity, for Haiti actually. My family’s there so I thought what a great way to bring the boys and have them hang out with their cousins and stuff. It was nice.

Is the book something that could turn into a series?

You know what, we’re in talks. We’ll see what happens, you know? We’re planting seeds everywhere. So hopefully that may come somewhere down the line. So from your mouth to God’s ears.

What are three passions in life you have besides acting?

Oh, number one my family. Number two would be, just when I say love, I mean being spiritual. I would say spirituality, spiritual. Loving–being loving. Coming from a good place and not spreading hate around. And I would say the third one would be leaving something behind for our kids. Leaving you know, clean land, fresh water. Just leaving a legacy behind for our kids that‘s good and clean.

I’ve never heard that answer before. I like that.

Yay! Original answer, good!


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