‘October Road’ Flashback: Rebecca Field On Its Cancellation, Where Her Character Would Be Today


October Road is a 2007 show that failed to get a chance. The ABC series resonated with viewers quickly and quite frankly, brought the typical network storyline into a whole new direction and path. Starring How to Make it in America’s Bryan Greenberg (another that didn’t get the chance to reach its full potential), October Roadwas a family friendly drama that ran 19 episodes and left fans wanting more.

Greenberg played Nick Garrett, who after several years returns to his hometown to face those he wrote a book about. Along the way he reconnects with his friends, family and begins to rekindle his relationship with past flame Hannah Daniels. Well, sort of. Played by That 70s Show Laura Prepon, Daniels also has to rehash her past because of the new arrival. Turns out she has a kid Sam. Who’s age matches up to the year Nick left. And oh yeah—he has a peanut allergy just like him.

Unfortunately, viewers were unlucky to see the end result of that little scenario, but at least they got to see the absolutely adorable (and about time) moment between characters Eddie Latekka and Janet. Actors Geoff Stults and Rebecca Field portrayed the dynamic relationship that was often not seen on television: A situation where the high school football player does in fact end up with the “friend.” I got the chance to chat with Field about her past role and its sudden cancellation. Not to mention, where she hopes Eddie and Janet would have ended up!

October Road was inviting, wholesome and had enough drama (ahem, affairs) to keep viewers interested. Perhaps the cameras stopped rolling because the show runners were ahead of their time. After all,Parenthood is headed into its fourth season and debuted three years later in 2010.

October Road to this day is a favorite of mine. What did you like most about Janet? What does the sow mean to you?

FIELD: Honestly, that show is my heart and soul. That was my first real big gig. Janet was just so close I think to who I am as a person in many ways. I mean the character definitely had some differences, but for the most part I was born in a small town, she was born in a small town. I have this little dive bar at home that we all hang out at, she works at one. So similarities. We were close with all the people we grew up with too.

It was just so special. We literally captured like, I think Geoff had said it one point—it was like ‘lighting in a bottle.’ And he told me that when we were working on it because I was probably like the newest of everybody—the most green. He said that this kind of chemistry and this many people loving each other as much as we do and wanting to spend time together off work and the special bond we had is something that happens very rarely if ever so. We count ourselves as the lucky ones.

And it all started form the top though. The guys that created it, Scott Rosenberg, Andre Nemec and Josh Applebaum, were three of the most amazing human beings and are to this day. They are so talented and they created that amazing environment for all of us. It’s really like you’re first love. It was always be my first love.

It had an amazing story line and the town it was set in was so beautiful. Where do you think Eddie and Janet would be today?

I mean working with Jeff was just unbelievable. I have to say, not to downplay who I am as a person or anything, but you don’t generally get to see story lines, but maybe a bit more now, where there’s an non-traditional girl with the head of the football team or whatever in high school. I think just that alone we saw something in each other that was outside of the surface of everything. It was a really lovely part of the story line. And I would hope that Janet and Eddie would be married and having kids at this point and settling into a really nice life together. That’s what I would hope.

It was so sad when it was canceled. It had so much more to show.

It’s so funny that you say that because the show’s been canceled for so many years now and getting canceled for not having the ratings or something like that. I still have people come up to me to this day and say they miss the show so much and still ask if it’s going to come back and, “Why did it get canceled?” And so that’s a nice feeling even though we didn’t somehow have the ratings. 

Do you still keep in contact with some of the cast?

I do! Laura’s my best friend in the world. I see her and talk to her every day all the time…And I talk to Stults all the time. Well not all the time, but you know pretty often. His show Finders is hilarious. It’s a great character for him and he’s doing well. And I still keep in touch with Odette [Annable] who’s on House and Breaking In.She’s got a massive career. And I just spoke to Bryan Greenberg the other day and saw him at the American Reunion premiere. He’s doing great. I keep in touch with a lot of them. Everyone’s rockin’ & rollin’.

For those who haven’t seen the series, you’re missing out. Though only 19 episodes, October Road is worth the watch. As for Field, she can currently be seen on Lifetime’s The Client List.


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