Exclusive: ‘One Tree Hill’ Alum Kelsey Chow Reveals How Josh Hutcherson’s ‘Punk’d’ Episode Really Went Down

MTV’s Punk’d went after some big names this past season, including Hunger Games actors Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson in its latest schemes. Though his reaction was a bit underwhelming, Hutcherson’s prank was particularly intriguing. The actors were able to make him think he was being followed within a couple of seconds after stopping at a nearby coffee shop. Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale hosted, but it was his other friend waiting at the fake rest stop that really surprised us. Look again: that’s One Tree Hill alum Kelsey Chow standing to his right before the credits roll.

Luckily, Kelsey let us in on that day and how she got involved with the prank. Who knew the two were even friends? “You win that bet. I was!” she laughed when I said people didn’t believe me when I said it was her. “My roommate, the other girl, she did an independent with him and Josh is a friend of mine and so we Punk’d him together and had the opportunity to do that, which was great. I was a thrilled to be a part of it because I watched Punk’d growing up and I got to see how elaborate the show is and what length they go to punk these people. It was a little nerve-racking but it was very exciting.”

The boy with the bread must have had his radar on still since leaving District 12 too, because he immediately figured out he was being trailed due to a “bugged” cup of coffee. “He really stood up,” Chow said. “He was being a tough guy to the cops, to the CIA, whoever they were. So, he kind of came off as a hero, but I think it was such a relief that it all went well. We were just really happy.”


So, does this mean she’s Team Peeta? Obviously.



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