‘Magic Mike’ Quiz: Which Actor Is Your Best Match? (Because A Lap Dance Will Only Go So Far)


Magic Mike is finally here! Granted, reviews that are coming in put it more in a bro-category type of film, there’s still going to be plenty sweat-filled moments on the stage. Based on Channing Tatum’s past stripper days, his character is joined by Matthew McConaughey (Dallas), Alex Pettyfer (Adam), Joe Manganiello (Big Dick Richie) and Matt Bomer (Ken). To celebrate the arrival of the Steven Soderbergh film, Ology has come up with a little quiz to get you in the mood. (As if some sweaty hot guys wouldn’t do that trick once you catch them on the big screen).

Based on facts on the actors, you’ll soon find out who’s your Magic Mike guy just by simply answering these 11 questions. Check it out and register your result in the poll below!

1. What do you notice first and find most attractive about a guy?
a. His gorgeous (and hopefully blue) eyes
b. Big frame and muscular physique
c. His hair (preferably curly)
d. Adorable dimples
e. A bald head

2. Your guy would be from where?
a. Houston, Texas area
b. Pittsburg, PA
c. San Antonio, Texas area
d. England, UK
e. Cullman, Alabama

3. What past would be most intriguing?
a. If he attended Drama School and thought about journalism as a career
b. If he worked for a construction company
c. A wrestling champion would be nice
d. A model at a very young age
e. Dancer at a nightclub

4. Which of these sounds like your dream date?
a. Catching a broadway show
b. Heading out to the bars
c. Obviously hang inside and play some bongos
d. Have a BBQ and go on a hike
e. Go dancing

5. What would you rather watch during a night in?
a. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
b. True Blood
c. Dazed and Confused
d. I Am Number Four
e. The Vow 

6. What kind of music are you into?
a. Some old goodies
b. The Used
c. The Cult
d. Kings of Leon
e. Dance music

7. Your guy said what?
a. “I’m a creature of comfort. When I’m around the house, it’s jeans, T-shirts, old
b. “I can get a little Howard Hughes about germs sometimes… I just got back from
New York and touching things like subway rails and then eating can freak me
out a little bit.”
c. “Traveling is a great love of mine. I love South America and Africa. I’m your
ultimate backpacker when I’m away. It’s just me and my backpack. It’s good
for getting away from the industry.”
d. “Parties don’t thrill me. I like sitting at home with a tub of Chunky Monkey
icecream watching Big Brother or Friends.”
e. “I got crazy lucky. Like, sometimes I think I won the lottery or something. At
times it feels like the bottom’s gonna fall out. Just ’cause I don’t really know
how I got here. But I just keep moving forward, and it just keeps getting
better and better.”

8. What would you find least annoying?
a. If he often broke out in song
b. Knowing he was once engaged
c. Hasn’t used deodorant in 20 years? No big deal.
d. He has his ex-girlfriend’s name tattooed on his lower waist
e. He tends to lose his wedding ring

9. What would you find most endearing?
a. He’s taken part in theater festivals
b. He’s done voice narrations for two fantasy novels
c. He’s afraid of revolving doors
d. Have fun driving, because he has a fear of flying
e. He likes to read his movie scripts while soaking in a bathtub

10. Which guy would you pay the most money for a lap dance?
a. Matt Bomer
b. Joe Manganiello
c. Matthew McConaughey
d. Alex Pettyfer
e. Channing Tatum

11. What age gap do you prefer?
a. Early 30s.
b. Mid-thirties.
c.  A little older never hurt anyone.

[ANSWERS: Mostly A’s, Matt Bomer; Mostly B’s, Joe Manganiello; Mostly C’s, Matthew McConaughey; Mostly D’s, Alex Pettyfer, Mostly E’s, Channing Tatum. * #11 A-Tatum; B-Bomer, Manganiello, Pettyfer; C- McConaughey] 


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