Exclusive: Andy Cohen Dishes On His Passions And “Andy Alone Time”


Andy Cohen has introduced a ton of new faces to television and the surprises don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The Executive Vice President of Development and Talent (wonder if Teresa Giudice knows that complete title) has brought some table flipping and feisty housewives to Bravo over the years. He takes part in the reunion show brawls and now can be seen weekly on Watch What Happens: Live. You know, the only show that can put both John Mayer and Dan Rather together as guests, leaving audiences all tingely with amusement. But what does Andy do on his downtime? During a conference call he told Ology three other passions he has.

“Wow, what are my passions?” he paused. “I like going – I have a house in Sag Harbor on Long Island and one of my passions is just going there and just kind escaping and going really underground and chilling out and having some Andy time alone,” he admitted. “And shutting the heck up which I never do. So that’s one thing.”

Andy really does do a lot of talking, but most of it is for the viewers benefit. How else would fans find out which stars want to shag one another? Not to mention getting our own president to Plead the Fifth on live television.

“I love boxing. It’s really great; it’s a really good stress release for me,” he added as his second interest. “And I love long walks on the beach.”


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