‘Franklin & Bash’ Scoop: Garcelle Beauvais On Franklin Relationship, Cracking ‘Saved By The Bell’ Jokes


Franklin & Bash is back for its second season and for many fans out there, the summer looks enticing with the guarantee of having more (you guessed it!) Franklin and Bash featured on their television sets. Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar are back for more legal drama with costar Garcelle Beauvais on the TNT series and the future for upcoming episodes seems more than promising.

Beauvais plays Hanna Linden and as viewers have previously seen, she’s gotten caught in between Franklin and Brady before, which makes for some memorable tension on screen. With its third episode premiering tonight, I had the opportunity to chat with Garcelle on what’s to come. Will a relationship with either of these men play out? How is she liking the changes her character is developing?

We went behind the scenes on what really happens when the cameras stop rolling too. How often does the cast really poke fun at Gosselaar’s Saved by the Bell days? Who would she personally choose if it came down to Franklin and Bash? And, wait. Back up. The cast actually does the “Dougie” together in the makeup trailer? Clearly, the cast is just as fun as their characters in the courtroom.

Franklin & Bash just began season two! What can audiences expect from the show and your character Hanna?

GARCELLE BEAUVAIS: My character is a little devious and I’m kind of happy. She has a couple of tricks up her sleeve and it’s just really fun to see different sides of her. So obviously we know that she’s a take charge, take no prisoners kind of girl. But it’s nice to see her get to the point a little bit.

Are there any storylines that you would love to see her in?

Oh, yeah! I would love to see her maybe go up against the guy’s maybe or just maybe loosen up. Maybe have to move into the man cave! That would be very funny!

What are some similarities or differences between Hanna and you?

Well I’m definitely non-confrontational and my character is. It’s really strange because I get a lot of work that’s strong and I’m the least confrontational person I know. It’s really interesting. But yeah, I guess I know who I am and I think she does. But I’m definitely not as strong as she is by any means, not in my regular life.

Now you were just with Franklin for a little bit but now it seems like you’re kind of gearing toward Damien again. What might happen there?

Well, I think it’s more we were more in cahoots, me and Damien. We were more in cahoots. I don’t think it’s romantic, I think it’s just—we’re plotting.

So is there a chance maybe with you and Franklin?

Uh, maybe he would like that! [Laughs] Breckin [Meyer] would like that!

Is being on set as fun as it looks? Is there a lot of improvisation going on?

Especially with the boys there is but with us we try to keep it close to the script. But, it is such a blast. It’s unbelievable. It’s like; we’re getting paid to do this? It’s really fun. We all have a great time. Like Malcolm [McDowell] is a cut up. He’s like a little kid on set always doing pranks and joking around. It’s really great.

Anything specific? Do you get a chance to spend some time off set?

No, we work different ways. We all get together in the makeup and hair trailer and then we all do this dance called the Dougie! [Laughs] [Reed] Diamond, I love him but…he has no rhythm.

This happens every week?

We just get together, it’s really our makeup crew and hair is really fun! So you know we’ll have drinks in there, we’ll be dancing. It’s really a lot of fun.

Both Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin get their Dougie on too?

He [Breckin] is yeah. I haven’t seen Mark-Paul do the Dougie but yeah!

That’s so funny.

Yeah, we have everybody doing it.

Tough question now: If you had to choose, are you more Franklin or Bash? Everyone’s has a favorite.

Ahhh! That’s a tough one! I’d say more Franklin because I think he brings the fun out of everybody.

Are there any guest stars you’d love to have on one of these days?

Ooooh yeah! Could we have Brad Pitt? [Laughs] Can we get Colin Farrel? Who else could we get? But you know what this year we have really great ones. We have Rick Ross. Cybill Shepherd and we have Seth Green. We’ve had Jane Seymour. I thought she was fantastic…she was so naughty. We’ve had some really great guest stars.

How many episodes have you shot for the season?

We shoot ten. We shot ten episodes.

Is there a favorite episode of yours so far?

Yeah. Boris Kodjoe and he was my love interest. At which, I did not have a complaint in the world! It was a lot of fun.

Do your two younger boys ever visit the Franklin & Bash set?

Yeah they do and they’re only interested in the Kraft Services and all the snacks. Whatever though it’s so funny. [Laughs]

Have to ask. Is there some Saved by the Bell talk on set? Does Breckin ever joke about that with Gosselaar?

Every now and then we call him Zack! [Laughs]

You do? [Laughs]

[Laughs] Every now and then but he’s a good sport about it! The only thing he said, he’s like, “I wish I had enjoyed it when it was happening more.”  Do you know what I mean?

Absolutely. It’s such a staple in pop culture to this day.

Yeah! Exactly. It’s like me. No matter what roles I do people still call me by ‘Fancy’ from Jamie Foxx. Some roles just stick with people. It’s a blessing. It’s great that people remember something that you did and loved it so much.

So would you say that’s what you’re most recognized? Do you still keep in touch with Jamie?

Oh yeah, we’re still friends. We hung out New Years Eve actually. Yeah, we’re still friends and it’s really great. Anywhere I go, if I’m in New York on the streets, people are screaming, “Fancy, Fancy!” And I turn now cause it’s still kind of like my name!


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