‘Magic Mike’ Star Matt Bomer Reveals If He’ll Be Returning To ‘Glee’


Where did Matt Bomer come from? Did he first make it big when he appeared on Guiding Light? How about on Chuck? Or was it when he first started playing the role of Neal Caffrey on the hugely successful series White Collar? Whatever the case may be, people are obsessed with this actor. And now, so am I. At the USA Network Upfronts I got the chance to speak with Bomer about his Glee episode that just aired weeks prior. The FOX series just completed its third season, but would he be making a return for the fourth?

“They asked me to but my schedule,” he said looking quite bummed. Though he’s too busy to make another appearance at McKinley High he did make sure to mention (with the cutest grin ever) that he had a great time with the cast. During his stint in the “Big Brother” episode he played Blaine Anderson’s older brother Cooper. His rendition of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” was an instant iTunes buy.

Don’t be sad about Bomer letting us down gently though. Haven’t you seen the shirtless commercials? He’ll be appearing in the highly anticipated film Magic Mike (that was basically made for us ladies) when it premieres on June 29.

In any case, for those who wonder what it truly would be like to meet Matt in person—this is how he looked:

Or, at least that’s how I imagined him to be staring at me. Just like if he read this right now, he would be throwing out one of these:

Matt Bomer, stay beautiful.

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