Exclusive: Giuliana Rancic Sounds Off On Her Three Passions And Hubby “Best Friend”


What do you really know about Giuliana Rancic? If you’re like many of us (ahem, me) you watch her every weeknight on E! News, read up on her latest baby news and catch her on all the red carpets for the biggest award shows. Always keeping busy, you can also catch her hilarious comments on Fashion Police and on the Style Network with her reality show Giuliana & Bill. But what are her hobbies? What does she like to do when off camera? Luckily during a recent conference call, the television personality told me just that.

“Three passions? One of them is hiking with my husband,” she says. “I know that sounds so lame but it’s true. I just – I love being with – I love being with my husband. We’re best friends. It’s kind of amazing. In six years we’ve barely had a fight. I mean we just – we’re just best friends. We’re very compatible.” Clearly that has shown in the relationship over the past year with the struggles they’ve endured together. When looking back, there really hasn’t been any fighting at all on the series. If anything, there have been some funny yet jabbing remarks about choosing a permanent residence.

“There’s nothing I love more than just being alone in nature like just you know with a gorgeous view of like Malibu in Los Angeles with my husband and just talking about life,” she adds to Ology. “I love going to Italy and one of my passions is going to Italy and just taking in the culture. I was born in Naples, Italy so we go back a lot – my husband and I. We just love to sit in a Piazza and take in the culture and eat until we are blue in the face.”

But most of all (besides hanging with the hubby) E! is without a doubt one of the biggest passions she has. “I love the behind the scenes of what happens at E!. You know, I love like right now I’m dealing with today’s content for our show tonight as Managing Editor and I love that. That’s one of my biggest passions is producing and you know putting a show together every night. It’s not easy to put together a one-hour show but we have an amazing team and I love being part of the first steps of producing the show and seeing it play out that night. It’s a great feeling.”

A great feeling that will last three more years! Giuliana just signed a contract to stay at the company for a few more rounds. With all those hobbies though, we’re sure that the little one will be priority number one when she or he arrives!


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