‘Magic Mike’ Quiz: Which Actor Is Your Best Match? (Because A Lap Dance Will Only Go So Far)


Magic Mike is finally here! Granted, reviews that are coming in put it more in a bro-category type of film, there’s still going to be plenty sweat-filled moments on the stage. Based on Channing Tatum’s past stripper days, his character is joined by Matthew McConaughey (Dallas), Alex Pettyfer (Adam), Joe Manganiello (Big Dick Richie) and Matt Bomer (Ken). To celebrate the arrival of the Steven Soderbergh film, Ology has come up with a little quiz to get you in the mood. (As if some sweaty hot guys wouldn’t do that trick once you catch them on the big screen).

Based on facts on the actors, you’ll soon find out who’s your Magic Mike guy just by simply answering these 11 questions. Check it out and register your result in the poll below!

1. What do you notice first and find most attractive about a guy?
a. His gorgeous (and hopefully blue) eyes
b. Big frame and muscular physique
c. His hair (preferably curly)
d. Adorable dimples
e. A bald head

2. Your guy would be from where?
a. Houston, Texas area
b. Pittsburg, PA
c. San Antonio, Texas area
d. England, UK
e. Cullman, Alabama

3. What past would be most intriguing?
a. If he attended Drama School and thought about journalism as a career
b. If he worked for a construction company
c. A wrestling champion would be nice
d. A model at a very young age
e. Dancer at a nightclub

4. Which of these sounds like your dream date?
a. Catching a broadway show
b. Heading out to the bars
c. Obviously hang inside and play some bongos
d. Have a BBQ and go on a hike
e. Go dancing

5. What would you rather watch during a night in?
a. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
b. True Blood
c. Dazed and Confused
d. I Am Number Four
e. The Vow 

6. What kind of music are you into?
a. Some old goodies
b. The Used
c. The Cult
d. Kings of Leon
e. Dance music

7. Your guy said what?
a. “I’m a creature of comfort. When I’m around the house, it’s jeans, T-shirts, old
b. “I can get a little Howard Hughes about germs sometimes… I just got back from
New York and touching things like subway rails and then eating can freak me
out a little bit.”
c. “Traveling is a great love of mine. I love South America and Africa. I’m your
ultimate backpacker when I’m away. It’s just me and my backpack. It’s good
for getting away from the industry.”
d. “Parties don’t thrill me. I like sitting at home with a tub of Chunky Monkey
icecream watching Big Brother or Friends.”
e. “I got crazy lucky. Like, sometimes I think I won the lottery or something. At
times it feels like the bottom’s gonna fall out. Just ’cause I don’t really know
how I got here. But I just keep moving forward, and it just keeps getting
better and better.”

8. What would you find least annoying?
a. If he often broke out in song
b. Knowing he was once engaged
c. Hasn’t used deodorant in 20 years? No big deal.
d. He has his ex-girlfriend’s name tattooed on his lower waist
e. He tends to lose his wedding ring

9. What would you find most endearing?
a. He’s taken part in theater festivals
b. He’s done voice narrations for two fantasy novels
c. He’s afraid of revolving doors
d. Have fun driving, because he has a fear of flying
e. He likes to read his movie scripts while soaking in a bathtub

10. Which guy would you pay the most money for a lap dance?
a. Matt Bomer
b. Joe Manganiello
c. Matthew McConaughey
d. Alex Pettyfer
e. Channing Tatum

11. What age gap do you prefer?
a. Early 30s.
b. Mid-thirties.
c.  A little older never hurt anyone.

[ANSWERS: Mostly A’s, Matt Bomer; Mostly B’s, Joe Manganiello; Mostly C’s, Matthew McConaughey; Mostly D’s, Alex Pettyfer, Mostly E’s, Channing Tatum. * #11 A-Tatum; B-Bomer, Manganiello, Pettyfer; C- McConaughey] 


Exclusive: Andy Cohen Dishes On His Passions And “Andy Alone Time”


Andy Cohen has introduced a ton of new faces to television and the surprises don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The Executive Vice President of Development and Talent (wonder if Teresa Giudice knows that complete title) has brought some table flipping and feisty housewives to Bravo over the years. He takes part in the reunion show brawls and now can be seen weekly on Watch What Happens: Live. You know, the only show that can put both John Mayer and Dan Rather together as guests, leaving audiences all tingely with amusement. But what does Andy do on his downtime? During a conference call he told Ology three other passions he has.

“Wow, what are my passions?” he paused. “I like going – I have a house in Sag Harbor on Long Island and one of my passions is just going there and just kind escaping and going really underground and chilling out and having some Andy time alone,” he admitted. “And shutting the heck up which I never do. So that’s one thing.”

Andy really does do a lot of talking, but most of it is for the viewers benefit. How else would fans find out which stars want to shag one another? Not to mention getting our own president to Plead the Fifth on live television.

“I love boxing. It’s really great; it’s a really good stress release for me,” he added as his second interest. “And I love long walks on the beach.”

‘Franklin & Bash’ Scoop: Garcelle Beauvais On Franklin Relationship, Cracking ‘Saved By The Bell’ Jokes


Franklin & Bash is back for its second season and for many fans out there, the summer looks enticing with the guarantee of having more (you guessed it!) Franklin and Bash featured on their television sets. Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar are back for more legal drama with costar Garcelle Beauvais on the TNT series and the future for upcoming episodes seems more than promising.

Beauvais plays Hanna Linden and as viewers have previously seen, she’s gotten caught in between Franklin and Brady before, which makes for some memorable tension on screen. With its third episode premiering tonight, I had the opportunity to chat with Garcelle on what’s to come. Will a relationship with either of these men play out? How is she liking the changes her character is developing?

We went behind the scenes on what really happens when the cameras stop rolling too. How often does the cast really poke fun at Gosselaar’s Saved by the Bell days? Who would she personally choose if it came down to Franklin and Bash? And, wait. Back up. The cast actually does the “Dougie” together in the makeup trailer? Clearly, the cast is just as fun as their characters in the courtroom.

Franklin & Bash just began season two! What can audiences expect from the show and your character Hanna?

GARCELLE BEAUVAIS: My character is a little devious and I’m kind of happy. She has a couple of tricks up her sleeve and it’s just really fun to see different sides of her. So obviously we know that she’s a take charge, take no prisoners kind of girl. But it’s nice to see her get to the point a little bit.

Are there any storylines that you would love to see her in?

Oh, yeah! I would love to see her maybe go up against the guy’s maybe or just maybe loosen up. Maybe have to move into the man cave! That would be very funny!

What are some similarities or differences between Hanna and you?

Well I’m definitely non-confrontational and my character is. It’s really strange because I get a lot of work that’s strong and I’m the least confrontational person I know. It’s really interesting. But yeah, I guess I know who I am and I think she does. But I’m definitely not as strong as she is by any means, not in my regular life.

Now you were just with Franklin for a little bit but now it seems like you’re kind of gearing toward Damien again. What might happen there?

Well, I think it’s more we were more in cahoots, me and Damien. We were more in cahoots. I don’t think it’s romantic, I think it’s just—we’re plotting.

So is there a chance maybe with you and Franklin?

Uh, maybe he would like that! [Laughs] Breckin [Meyer] would like that!

Is being on set as fun as it looks? Is there a lot of improvisation going on?

Especially with the boys there is but with us we try to keep it close to the script. But, it is such a blast. It’s unbelievable. It’s like; we’re getting paid to do this? It’s really fun. We all have a great time. Like Malcolm [McDowell] is a cut up. He’s like a little kid on set always doing pranks and joking around. It’s really great.

Anything specific? Do you get a chance to spend some time off set?

No, we work different ways. We all get together in the makeup and hair trailer and then we all do this dance called the Dougie! [Laughs] [Reed] Diamond, I love him but…he has no rhythm.

This happens every week?

We just get together, it’s really our makeup crew and hair is really fun! So you know we’ll have drinks in there, we’ll be dancing. It’s really a lot of fun.

Both Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin get their Dougie on too?

He [Breckin] is yeah. I haven’t seen Mark-Paul do the Dougie but yeah!

That’s so funny.

Yeah, we have everybody doing it.

Tough question now: If you had to choose, are you more Franklin or Bash? Everyone’s has a favorite.

Ahhh! That’s a tough one! I’d say more Franklin because I think he brings the fun out of everybody.

Are there any guest stars you’d love to have on one of these days?

Ooooh yeah! Could we have Brad Pitt? [Laughs] Can we get Colin Farrel? Who else could we get? But you know what this year we have really great ones. We have Rick Ross. Cybill Shepherd and we have Seth Green. We’ve had Jane Seymour. I thought she was fantastic…she was so naughty. We’ve had some really great guest stars.

How many episodes have you shot for the season?

We shoot ten. We shot ten episodes.

Is there a favorite episode of yours so far?

Yeah. Boris Kodjoe and he was my love interest. At which, I did not have a complaint in the world! It was a lot of fun.

Do your two younger boys ever visit the Franklin & Bash set?

Yeah they do and they’re only interested in the Kraft Services and all the snacks. Whatever though it’s so funny. [Laughs]

Have to ask. Is there some Saved by the Bell talk on set? Does Breckin ever joke about that with Gosselaar?

Every now and then we call him Zack! [Laughs]

You do? [Laughs]

[Laughs] Every now and then but he’s a good sport about it! The only thing he said, he’s like, “I wish I had enjoyed it when it was happening more.”  Do you know what I mean?

Absolutely. It’s such a staple in pop culture to this day.

Yeah! Exactly. It’s like me. No matter what roles I do people still call me by ‘Fancy’ from Jamie Foxx. Some roles just stick with people. It’s a blessing. It’s great that people remember something that you did and loved it so much.

So would you say that’s what you’re most recognized? Do you still keep in touch with Jamie?

Oh yeah, we’re still friends. We hung out New Years Eve actually. Yeah, we’re still friends and it’s really great. Anywhere I go, if I’m in New York on the streets, people are screaming, “Fancy, Fancy!” And I turn now cause it’s still kind of like my name!

Interview: ‘Pair of Kings’ Star Kelsey Chow Gives Scoop On Third Season, Who She’d Love To Work With


Long are the days of Gigi Silveri on One Tree Hill, but lucky for us actress Kelsey Chow has continued to keep busy with new projects. Since her departure from Wilmington, Chow has gone on to work on the Emmy-nominated show Pair of Kings on Disney XD as Mikayla Makoola. Mikayla often comes in handy for the two twin brothers King Brady and King Broomer but it definitely seems as though there will be a change of character come this season. Pair of Kings returns tonight for its third season with even more surprises for fans: What will happen between Mikayla and Brady now that they’ve kissed? How has Mikayla changed since the pilot? Kelsey let us in on all of that and more!

While you stay glued to Disney XD tonight, also make sure to check Kelsey out this summer in two new films. Though she jokes that she’s only inThe Amazing Spider-Man “for two seconds” and “you could blink and miss me,” she still feels extremely lucky to have been a part of it. Looking for a romantic indie flick to catch this summer too? Her new film The Wine of Summer about a man meeting five unconnected people who ultimately bind together throughout his travels looks not only like a must see but shows the range that Chow is able to reach as an actor.

Pair of Kings season three premieres tonight! You excited?

KELSEY CHOW: Yeah! We are really excited for the premiere. It introduces a new character Adam King. I think it would be interesting to let the audience and fans to see it. We kind of all hope you will enjoy it. [Laughs]

You left off kissing Brady at the end of season two. What can audiences expect this season with your character?

I did, yeah! Unfortunately, Brady’s character does take a bit of a sabbatical or journey and kind of sees the world. But at the same time, ‘Boomer’, who is the long-lost brother of Brady played by Adam Hicks actually comes in and actually doesn’t like Mikayla. Mikayla reminds him of an ex-girlfriend. There’s kind of an interesting dynamic, especially how Brady was so head over heels for Mikayla.

You have a lot of episodes under your belt already. Is there any inside jokes with the cast? Do you hang out a lot off set?

Yeah! It’s really hard to believe that we’ve been doing this for so long. Ryan [Ochoa] is our little baby. I mean the kid pictures of him from the pilot to now is insane. He’s growing up. I feel like I look exactly the same. [Laughs] But absolutely! They are my home away from home…It’s been really nice to have a family to go to everyday and people to depend on. And yeah, absolutely! We hang out on and off set. I will try to especially try to get together as much as possible especially when we are not working. These people are going to be in my life seriously forever. I like having them there.

What have you enjoyed most about playing Mikayla?

An individual one, I love the fact that Mikayla was the tough girl! I still do. We do a lot of fight choreography. This season I would say Mikayla is pretty much like the bossy one. She’s always head-to-toe prepared. Mentally and physically she’s just on the go and this season she has let go a little bit and she’s becoming friends with the boys and is super geeky, a total nerd and she is a horrible dancer even more so. It’s just so much fun to play. The writers have really done a great job developing her character.

What’s your schedule like? Are you still attending Columbia University?

Yes, I am actually. I’m on a leave of absence for now and I just take time off while we work and I’m hoping to maybe go back soon after this season is over.

That’s great! You’re majoring in Global Health but do you see acting as your main priority for the future?

I am right, absolutely! I don’t know what else I would do with the rest of my life. I think with school, school is what I’ve always wanted to do and I’m a total nerd and I really enjoy it. I love being off campus and I get to meet amazing people there and have great experiences. I think that’s important to do while growing up. But at the same time, I wanted to major in something completely different outside the entertainment industry. But at the same time I do take film classes.

You are keeping busy on the big screen too! Tell me about your role on The Amazing Spider-Man that’s set to come out in July.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and to be on that set it was a learning experience and just a dream.

Did you interact with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone?

I got to do a scene with Andrew Garfield. He’s incredible and I think he’s done a great job with the character. I really look forward to seeing it.

Would you say you enjoy working in film or television more?

No, I would love to do film. I’ve really, really enjoyed it. I would love to do it more and happy to have experienced it a little bit.

Who’s an actor you would love to work with?

I would love to work with Annette Bening. I think she is fantastic. One of the first films I saw of her was in the Grifters. She played an iconic woman and she was so captivating and she’s so good in everything she does. I feel like I would learn so much from being on set with her, so absolutely her.

The indie The Wine of Summer has a great trailer out now. You star as Brit alongside Elsa Pataky, Marcia Gay Harden and Ethan Peck.

The Wine Of Summer is very special to me because I remember reading the script and it’s such a beautiful story I couldn’t put it down. Maria Matteoli who had produced and directed it and had such a vision. She has such a beautiful soul so it’s a great script. It’s a coming of age story about James, played by Ethan Peck. He went to law school and toward the end of school he realizes he doesn’t want to do it. He wants to become an actor and he’s a terrible actor. And he’s very lost and learns a lot about himself and life in general. So I was happy to be a part of that story.

‘Suits’ Actor Patrick J. Adams Would Love To Appear On ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Again With Girlfriend Troian Bellisario


Who said mixing business with pleasure is bad to do? Suits actor Patrick J. Adams and Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario have been dating since early 2012, and have since been spotted on red carpets and showing their affection toward one another on Twitter. The two have worked together before on screen, keeping us guessing if it will ever happen again.

“We watch each other’s shows,” he admitted to Ology during the USA Network Upfronts in New York City May 17. “I wish that we could integrate more. I want to go be on her show more. I was on Pretty Little Liars for one episode and I want to go back.” Adams appeared in the episode “Reality Bites Me” as Artie in 2010.

But would Troian ever appear on Suits? “She works way too much,” he added. The two are busy, with PLLnow on its third season and Suits returning for season two, but at least they keep interested in the others work and upcoming spoilers.

“It was in the books!” he smiled talking about the identity of A. “That’s what I don’t understand when people didn’t know. I mean, I knew that it wasn’t going to be changed of course because of her but when it happened its like—they were in the books!”

Interview: ‘Veep’ Star Sufe Bradshaw Sounds Off On Cast Season Two Celebration, The President’s Lack Of Calling


A Vice President that has to overcome horrendous (yet hilarious) moments every day with her team and just so happens to have an episode where she does some business in her dress because of some yogurt and virus going around? A Vice President that has a pregnancy scare and openly dries her armpit sweat with a fan? I’m in. Watch it live, set the DVR and repeat the HBO series throughout the week because nothing can get better than some Veep watching every Sunday night. For a person who isn’t that all into politics, this is the perfect political comedy to get extremely addicted to.

With eight episodes under her senator belt, Selina Meyer and the rest of her crew sadly say goodbye to its first season tonight as the finale “Tears” premieres on HBO. Luckily for us though, season two is a go and there’s sure to be more of their antics in the future to look forward to. After all, that’s what her players like Amy, Dan, Gary and Mike do. They try to redeem themselves week after week from the catastrophes they’ve created themselves. I mean, really. Can’t the Vice President just be given lines for who she’s about to speak with and silently mouth off to a photographer to never read her lips across the field ever again in peace?

In any case, Selina may have a lot to deal with but its Sue Wilson, her executive assistant, that’s the one that’s on standby watching all of this nonsense happen. Can you imagine? She’s the one that has to deal with “White House” Jonah when everyone else is gone and she also has to gently (or not so gently) tell Selina every episode that no, the president has not called yet. Played by Sufe Bradshaw, I got to chat with the actress about the character and the second season pickup. Bubbly and definitely not like sarcastic Sue, its obvious that Sufe loves the rest of her cast just as much as we do!

So, what did the cast do when they heard the great news and what’s it really like to work with Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus? And most importantly, will the president ever make an appearance? Let alone, call? Sufe lets us in on all the details!


OLOGY: Veep is a must watch on Sunday and its already renewed for a second season! How does it feel?

SUFE BRADSHAW: We worked so hard on putting that season together! We worked our butts off. That pilot was shot over a year ago. We shot it in Baltimore and the seven episodes that followed were all done last year so to see the show on air, first off, was amazing because it had been shot so long ago and being renewed reassured us that the shows got legs and people are interested in watching political shows with a comedy edge. So it was really exciting to get the news. The majority of cast members on the west coast with the exception of Anna Chlumsky, she lives in New York City, we all got together because there is a building sized poster of Veep on Sunset Boulevard. We each have a picture. It’s been floating around on Twitter. So we all got together. Julia decided to get us all together and take a picture of all of us in front of that, a poster that takes up half of a building.

That’s so funny. So you all drove over there?

We totally drove over there and got in front. [Laughs] But we had just gotten the news! So it was a celebration for the first season but also for the second season.

A political comedy is very unique for television. Is that concept what drew you in?

Yeah! I think that it’s really an important piece right now. I think last year was really important especially in politics. That happened to be a pretty heavy issue. Especially right now in our administration. But, yeah I think that I was really excited to do a comedy about politics because I think it’s really important for people to laugh right now about that issue.

It definitely seems like it would be exciting to be a part of such a show during the current political race. Is there talk on set that the writers actually use real events for material?

That’s a great question. I haven’t really noticed it. There hasn’t been too much talk about current politics but one thing that we all agreed on – that the writers said and the cast agreed on – is that we weren’t going to pick an administration. This certainly isn’t a mirror to our current administration. To be safe placed in somewhere else, in a parallel universe. It’s not really modern day politics, which is nice because we’re not really taking sides. There hasn’t been much talk about politics on set, which is interesting. It’s really more about character.

Absolutely! What do you think about your role Sue? Are there any similarities or differences between you two?

I think Sue Wilson is a woman all about business. While the rest of her team are kind of reacting in a big way they’re sort of putting out fires in for the majority of the episode. Sue is the stable one. I think she was very much written like the straight person, the one who’s actually getting the job done, which I thought was such a funny contrast. Sue has fashion. She’s a very fashionable girl and so am I so we have that in common. Her character works in Washington…I don’t think I could even have a job like that, like a day in and day out job. I would have to do eight hours a day, five hours a day. I’m a lot more adventurous.

There are constant mishaps in the administration. Anything you’d personally like to see play out come next season?

Yeah, I’d love to hear what happens to Sue’s character. That’s a great question. You know what’s so funny? I don’t think that her character is really concerned about the office politics. [Maybe] to see her have to get a whole bunch of responsibility [Laughs] and see how she would have to handle that.

I think that would be a great story line.

Yeah and how she handles that, I think that would be very funny.

Any inside jokes between the cast?

You know why it’s so funny? We all had to go to Baltimore, Maryland for the shooting of the show. So the joke is, “‘oh, how do you like Baltimore?’ ‘Well, it’s not far from Washington.”

How do you feel shooting there, compared to shooting back in LA?

Oh, it’s so different. I mean I’m from Chicago so I’m no stranger to the East. But it’s really interesting. A lot of shows have been shot there including The Wire. You know that show from HBO. And the movie Game Change was also just shot there as well with Ed Harris and Julianne Moore.

Oh, okay.

Our show was able to bring jobs, which is something I’m really big on—to help boost the economy in that sense for them. Also it’s beautiful. I would have never pictured there as a place to live, but I fell in love with it. There’s an interesting charm to it.

All of you have such great chemistry and timing.

My cast mates, they’re so funny. They’re such funny people. So even outside of acting I love being around them. Like Matt [Walsh] is one of my most favorite people in the world. And Tim [Simons] is amazing. And Julia is hysterical. We all have a really good time.

What’s it like working with Julia? This is definitely a different role compared to Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine for her.

If I had to look at her career I would say she picks pretty amazing jobs. I think Julia is the kind of person—I think she picks shows that have substance instead of picking shows for shows sake. I don’t take her as the kind of person that does work just to do work. I feel like she does jobs that she really believes in. LikeSeinfeld, which I always thought was amazing. And then the New Adventures of Old Christine, which was really funny. And then she picked Veep as another vehicle. Julia’s really great to learn from. From being on set, she’s really a hard working lady. She’s always the first one there and the last one gone. She’s so hysterical and she’s always trying to find ways to make the scenes funnier. …She really digs in there. She gets in there and digs to find the funniest outcome. She makes the show that much better.

Seeing Anna’s familiar face too after My Girl all those years ago is great. She’s fantastic.

Anna’a great. She’s such a good girl. She’s really funny. She was a child actor for a while and then went away and went to college and then she came back and kicked some butt. She’s such a smart girl.

Are there any guest stars that you would really like to have on the show?

Any of the guys from Entourage would be awesome to have on our show. How cool would it be for Jeremy Piven to be on it?

Instead of arguing everyone can hug it out! Lastly, its hilarious to have that staple question every episode on if the President has called her. Will the president ever make an appearance or finally call?

That’s a great question! I’m actually waiting to hear that! [Laughs] It’s the writers you know. They’ll come up with that stuff. They’re so brilliant. Simon Blackwell and Tony Roche are the head writers and they’re just fantastic. So yeah, I’m waiting to see because I’m always saying that he never calls my character!

Exclusive: Giuliana Rancic Sounds Off On Her Three Passions And Hubby “Best Friend”


What do you really know about Giuliana Rancic? If you’re like many of us (ahem, me) you watch her every weeknight on E! News, read up on her latest baby news and catch her on all the red carpets for the biggest award shows. Always keeping busy, you can also catch her hilarious comments on Fashion Police and on the Style Network with her reality show Giuliana & Bill. But what are her hobbies? What does she like to do when off camera? Luckily during a recent conference call, the television personality told me just that.

“Three passions? One of them is hiking with my husband,” she says. “I know that sounds so lame but it’s true. I just – I love being with – I love being with my husband. We’re best friends. It’s kind of amazing. In six years we’ve barely had a fight. I mean we just – we’re just best friends. We’re very compatible.” Clearly that has shown in the relationship over the past year with the struggles they’ve endured together. When looking back, there really hasn’t been any fighting at all on the series. If anything, there have been some funny yet jabbing remarks about choosing a permanent residence.

“There’s nothing I love more than just being alone in nature like just you know with a gorgeous view of like Malibu in Los Angeles with my husband and just talking about life,” she adds to Ology. “I love going to Italy and one of my passions is going to Italy and just taking in the culture. I was born in Naples, Italy so we go back a lot – my husband and I. We just love to sit in a Piazza and take in the culture and eat until we are blue in the face.”

But most of all (besides hanging with the hubby) E! is without a doubt one of the biggest passions she has. “I love the behind the scenes of what happens at E!. You know, I love like right now I’m dealing with today’s content for our show tonight as Managing Editor and I love that. That’s one of my biggest passions is producing and you know putting a show together every night. It’s not easy to put together a one-hour show but we have an amazing team and I love being part of the first steps of producing the show and seeing it play out that night. It’s a great feeling.”

A great feeling that will last three more years! Giuliana just signed a contract to stay at the company for a few more rounds. With all those hobbies though, we’re sure that the little one will be priority number one when she or he arrives!