Interview: ‘Revenge’ Star Ashley Madekwe Dishes On Her Fashion Blog ‘Ring My Bell’


There’s no question about it. Revenge actress Ashley Madekwe is absolutely stunning on and off the set. With just one episode left before the explosive finale, we felt it necessary to chat all about Ashley’s eye-catching style. Many may not know but Ashley has her own fashion blog named Ring My Bell that features her day-to-day wardrobe and is photographed by fiancé Iddo Goldberg. By a look at the page, it’s no wonder why she was invited on for an episode of E! Fashion Police to comment on the several looks those in Hollywood have to offer. Her photographs on her blog are to die for. Though it’s obvious that her character on the ABC series has great taste, she herself is very fashion forward in her own right.

“I’ve always loved fashion blogs and have always loved reading them and have always been inspired by them so I figured maybe I could do this too,” she tells me. “I don’t put anything about my acting on there because I don’t know—I don’t want to use anything about my acting to make my blog successful. I guess eventually they’ll mold into two but I just loving doing it.” Her looks vary on the site with our personal favorites that include neon heels, vintage, jumpers, lace shorts and mint and coral jeans and features retailers like Steve Madden, Michael Kors and J. Crew.

[Her beautiful vintage engagement ring]

“The problem with me is I’m uncommitted. I love it all. I always want to try new things and I’m really inspired by all the women just walking down the street or fashion blogs or magazines. I’m always looking at things going, ‘How can I recreate it? What do I have that looks like that?’ I enjoy doing it. I like doing different things.”

Though she keeps her Hamptons style semi-away from the real one, asking if she has any say in her wardrobe for Ms. Davenport was a must. “It’s really collaborative,” she begins. “I don’t use my own clothes but Jill [Ohannesson], the costume designer, brings in loads of options and the original fitting we had–the first fitting is kind of finding out what you both like, how everything’s felt, how you see the character. You try on absolutely everything and try to put the character together. We originally came up with this character we’re both pretty happy with…she’ll buy it in a size and alter it to fit and I put together, I pick the dress or shoes or cardigan. She’s really good about letting me have a lot of options in my trailer in the morning so I’ll have the outfit and then my shoes and my jewelry and then my belts in the trailer so I can put my outfit together and then she’ll take it.” Ashley tries to style her the way she would but doesn’t try to make Davenport exactly like herself.

Madekwe keeps busy with the addicting series and definitely seems to love having her blog as a second creative outlet too. But what’s been on her mind first and foremost recently? Her wedding! She and fiancé Goldberg are set to marry this June and the two actually just touched down in London Tuesday to continue the planning. “I hate to do a ‘weather’ tweet but…This is NOT going to be good enough for my wedding. Sunshine by June please London!!!” she tweets.

With Ashley’s gorgeous fashion sense, her wedding dress is sure to be memorable. We also have a sneaky suspicion that some of her co-stars will join in on the celebration. Will we be seeing some wedding pictures on her blog? Let’s hope so! As you head on over to her site Ring My Bell, just think: When Ashley returns for season two of Revenge on Sunday’s next year she’ll be coming back to the Hamptons a married gal!

[Photography: Iddo Goldberg]


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