Happy Birthday Gabriel Mann! The ‘Revenge’ Actor Dishes On What Distinguishes Him From Nolan


If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty obsessed with Gabriel Mann. Not in the way Charlotte is to prescription drugs or Emily is to taking down the matriarch Victoria. The infatuation is more about his personality and how he’s made it possible to be just as likeable as his character Nolan Ross on Revenge. He’s offbeat, just wants to be loved (Ahem, Jack), has the best one-liners and yet Gabriel is an even match for the CEO of Nolcorp. Sure, he admits to me that he’s not necessarily like Nolan and his sneaky ways, but just like his phone plans to Emily, his phone conversations off screen are quite memorable too.

So, why are we bringing this all up today even though the game changer “Grief” premieres two days away? Because it’s Gabe’s birthday! The actor celebrates turning 40 just days after his co-star Emily VanCamp turned 26. I spoke to Gabe a while back and he filled me in on his three passions besides acting.

“Besides Revenge? Oh my God, well I’m just a vessel filled with Revenge!” he quipped. “I got nothing left to give. Three passions, let’s see. Music, cooking shows and now I was just thinking the other day how I’ve gone through so many strange phases in terms of things that’s you know, caught my fancy along the way. I was remembering like, ‘What happened to the 20 Swatches you used to have? Where those go man?’ You talk to me like 15 years ago and I would have been like, ‘Ah, man! Swatch watch.’ He may have left those in a draw somewhere but oddly enough, the watches seem right up Nolan’s alley. “Right?” he added. “That would be genius. It’s time to bring back the vintage archival Swatch watches and I think he would wear two or three at once.”

Gabe grew up in Middlebury, Vermont and based on his interests, his former days as a fashion model seem to have rubbed off quite a bit. Art is one of his many interests once he tucks away his whale camera for the night and walks off set. “I’m a big painting and painter enthusiast. Art appreciator. I love traveling to different cities and going to see their museums and artwork, the modern stuff like Warhol Basquiat and the classics like Rembrandt.”

Swoon. Am I right? He didn’t think so though! “I’m like, ‘Music, art, cooking shows and swatch watches.’ Wow, like really dude?” he laughed at himself. “I wish I were half eccentric and interesting as Nolan is but I’m a little more straight forward. Well, actually, thank God! Could you imagine my friends and family? What they would have to deal with if I was really like that?”

True, but at least he would still be fun company. In any case, compared to stirring up trouble in the Hampton’s (or trying to keep Emily out of major trouble), Gabe admits to opting out of situations like that in his real life. Which just makes us like him even more.

“I don’t have the time or energy to be running around doing half the shit that Nolan does, nor do I have any personal vendettas that I kind of want to ruin peoples lives like that. You know in my experience over time, maybe Nolan would smarten up and say this to Emily at some point. ‘Look, karma takes care of everything, everybody gets what’s coming to them whether you bring it or life brings it.’ You know its kind of just always the way. In my life it takes care of itself. It’s not overnight. Sometimes it’s not as soon as we like but hang in there.” Nolan could potentially get that chance to tell Emily that too, being that she’s one step away from leaving some major blood behind.

Gabe’s views on life just prove how easy it is to like him. After all, co-star Ashley Madekwe did tell us that he’s the big sweetheart on set. He comes in each morning with a big kiss and hug for everyone.

Don’t be mistaken though. He may not be diving into the red pens like his character but heck—that doesn’t mean playing the role isn’t fun! This is the guy who pops his collars we’re talking about here. “Sometimes the best revenge is smile and do nothing. But in the meantime, if you’re going to give me freedom to do all of this on the show—bring it on!”

Love! But seriously Nolan. Don’t get hurt! We’ve seen the cutup face photos and we’re so not happy about it.

Happy Birthday Gabe! What’s better than catching up on the ABC series every week? Knowing that the memorable personality you play in the Hamptons effortlessly transcends to off screen too.


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