Revenge’ Interview: Nick Wechsler On “Scandal” Aftermath, How Jack Would React To Emily’s Secret


It’s been a long time coming but tonight is what crazed fans have been waiting for ever since “Scandal” premiered on February 29! Revenge is back and viewers are absolutely out of their minds if they think the beach shooting was the biggest moment for the ABC series. As the show went on its two month hiatus (please don’t do that anymore) I spoke again with Nick Wechsler and as always–his chat left me wanting even more. Will our beloved Jack Porter be put on trial while the rich Daniel Grayson gets off free? Only “Doubt” tonight will give us some clues on what to expect with the final episodes of this freshman season.

Last audiences saw Jack he was banging on Grayson doors and running after Amanda, catapulting him as an instant suspect in the beach shooting case. Or so we think. Will Declan step forward to defend him if the time was ever to come? Would he ever actually get back with Amanda if she returned? It’s too early to tell but the most lingering and hopeful storyline of all is the love triangle we’ve all been waiting patiently for. With Daniel away this may be the perfect time for Jack and Emily to become more.

But hypothetically–how would Jack react if he found out Emily’s secret? What’s up ahead and what does Nick really think about the Porter family at this point? Read on, stay tuned for tonight and keep up with Ologybecause there’s way more scoop to come with Nick. #TeamJack

Revenge is unlike any other show. It’s so addicting and pulls you in a thousand directions not knowing where it’s headed.

NICK WECHSLER: They’re really doing something, and a big something right because I can’t believe how much feedback we get. It is addicting and people get angry when we don’t have a new episode when they find out we’re on a two week break or something. They’re like “What?” They’ll be playfully angry with me but it happens. It’s the primary reaction. And that corroborates that it is an addiction. It’s like they’re going through a small emotional withdrawal. I love it. It’s a really great show.

It must be hard talking about the show because it’s so secretive! Jack clearly had his fingerprints on the cellphone at the beach in “Scandal”. Trouble ahead?

You’re right, it is so hard. Thank you for recognizing that…I’m just terrified the whole time that I’ve said too much anyway, but is Jack someone viewers can suspect? Um, that’s not a bad guess.

How would you describe Jack at this point? The Porter boys seem to have a moral compass compared to the other characters. Just looking at how Jack forgives Amanda so easily.

I know. Well, look, I think from the beginning he represents the good in Amanda. He’s there to represent the good and I don’t even keep in mind how much responsibility I have. Maybe that’s good because I don’t want to freak myself out. Charlotte was really great and Daniel was pretty great as well. They seemed like really good people who just came from a rich family, but they wanted to disassociate themselves from it in a way. It was like okay, these are good kids. The Porter’s aren’t the only good ones. Now Charlotte’s dealing with some messed up stuff and then we get to see how dark things are about to get for Daniel.

There’s a lot of good rested on Jack’s shoulders and I need to think he’s kind of there for the audience to have someone to relate to. Not that there aren’t relatable elements to every character in there but I think it’s like this world that Mike [Kelley] created. He’s put this badass lady in the center of it seeking revenge, and populated this world with people who have done bad things, immoral things, to obtain or maintain their wealth or status within that community. And so she’s justified for going out and seeking this revenge, but we need someone that isn’t guilty of any of that. Jack and Declan are that.

Amanda is gone at this point but she’s seen the infinity box. Is there a chance she’ll be revealing it to you?

That’s–I guess there is a chance. You know what’s awesome is–I don’t know if she’s going to.

How would you describe your relationship with Emily at this point? How would Jack react if he knew the truth?

I will say this. I think if I had a little thing at some point, a little crush, a little pull and then they [Emily] basically said no I’m with this other dude [Daniel]–If they were [later] like, “That person is from your past” and the person remained friendly with me and even if I found out that that person was not who they said they were all along–if they came clean to me and told me why, and they had a big reason like she does, I might actually feel like, “I wish I had known sooner but I feel like that’s justified. I’m not going to say you should keep doing this. I’m going to try to make you stop.”

This idea on if Jack learned wouldn’t make him hate them. That’s not me. That idea might hold for some drama but I think it depends on what kind of person you are. If I heard it I genuinely could do that and be like, “It’s a little weird that you fucking lied this long and I believed you were this other person, but I see now why you had to do it.”

You are about to embark on what seems to be the next big love triangle on television with Emily and Daniel. But could a triangle between Emily and Amanda ever happen if she were to return?

That’s a good question…if that happened I would think that it would be an interesting direction to take. It’s possible. I’ll say that I would’nt be surprised if it doesn’t go that direction just because Amanda and her role in it–she’s too dangerous. And Emily’s thing with her, while she cares about her– granted she could like Daniel too and actually have feelings for him–she’s using her. Amanda’s more loyal to her than she is to them, which leads me to feel like there wouldn’t be as much of a love triangle.

Will we be seeing flashbacks from Jack’s past?

Probably. Probably. I think we’ll be seeing some of all the major players and there will be the trial and stuff. It’s a cool format. When I first heard it, it’s weird I went back between thinking it was cool and being like, “Is it weird?” I thought we were going to hold the reveal of the beach with who what and why at the end of the season and the whole season was going to build up answering that and then they changed it to the 15th episode. But then it was like, maybe they always had it at 15, but in my mind it had changed.

So pretty much the beach shooting is completely minimal compared to what’s to come.

Yeah, it had to be in order for the season to progress for our audience to tune in and finally let them have the carrot you’ve been dangling for so long. In order for them to keep going, you have to dangle another. They answer that and then raise other questions. It’s like, ‘Ah, I have to watch. I have to watch. What was that guy doing there? Oh man. Where is she going? What does that mean for this person? Oh man, now I have to watch the whole season.’


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