Review: ‘The Client List’


B+ | The Client List is more than just about a woman trying to keep her family afloat by getting a job as a massage therapist in suburbia Texas. There’s more cash flowing and extras getting done behind the curtain that can make this Lifetime series an edgy hit.

The Client List is a new guilty pleasure. Some viewers may have been and may still be on the fence about this new Lifetime series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt (Riley Parks) but the fact that this once 2010 film is now a series makes the storyline that much more intriguing.

After chatting with star Rebecca Field who plays Parks’ best friend, it was very clear: having a show like this on that network makes it that much more enticing, juicy and edgier. A woman who is newly single trying to raise two kids finds work as a massage therapist outside of town but quickly learns that she can earn so much more if she gives a little extra during her appointments.

Let the fun begin.

With an all-star cast that consists of Hewitt, Field, Cybill Shepherd as mommy dearest and Colin Egglesfield (who you could have seen in Something Borrowed) the premiere started off just right. It introduced the family, the dire need for cash and made the reveal of what happens behind the curtains not sudden or unsettling in anyway. As a mother who’s just trying to get by there’s sure to be many secrets to be unfolded throughout the series.

The only disadvantage to a plot like this is wondering how long it could possibly last. Hopefully the series brings more twists because it may not be as fun when Parks’ secret is revealed. But as for right now—a possible hookup between she and her brother-in-law played by Egglesfield could be one reason to stay tuned alone. Another scene with his shirt off while mowing the lawn wouldn’t hurt either.


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