‘The Client List’ Interview: Rebecca Field Dishes On New Role, Why Viewers Will Be Drawn To Edgy Lifetime Series


Did you ever have a friend lie about something? Act weird and couldn’t quite put your finger on it? Well, anything he or she probably did has nothing on the newest television series The Client List. The new show airs tonight on Lifetime and it is sure to grab viewer’s attention and leave us with a secret that’s ultimately juicier if withheld for the audiences’ pleasure. Based on a true story, The Client List starring Jennifer Love Hewitt was a Lifetime movie in 2010 that was just so intriguing, the creators decided to make it a series. Now instead of a two-hour special, Riley, a newly single mother, can be seen an hour a week getting into all sorts of mischief and unspoken services. Trying to provide for her kids, Hewitt’s character signs up to be a massage therapist that gives her customers an extra bonus behind the curtain.

As Riley’s best friend, actress Rebecca Field plays the role of Lacey in the new series. Kept in the dark like the rest, Lacey is the comic relief in this juicy storyline. While chatting with Field, she told me all about her new exciting role, what to expect from the small Texas town and the chemistry she and the cast have on and off set. The show also stars Cybill Shepherd and Something Borrowed’s Colin Egglesfield.

Known for her fantastic work as Janet on October Road, her role in American Reunion that’s now in theatres and several guest spots on shows like Hawthorne and Mike & Molly, Rebecca took the time to chat with me about her new exciting role. So read up and get ready because the premiere is at 10 p.m. tonight!

What intrigued you about working on The Client List?

The movie was on Lifetime and Jennifer [Love Hewitt] was nominated for a Golden Globe and it was just written so well so I definitely wanted to be a part of it. And to work with an icon like Jennifer with such a track record and Cybill Shepherd who’s amazing and Loretta Devine–it just kind of seemed like a no brainer getting to work with all of them.

The concept is so different from what is out there on television now. It must be interesting to go from a film to now a series.

I know! It really is. We’ve been getting lots of weird and interesting feedback on the Facebook page from massage therapists being upset as if giving their profession a bad name but we have to keep reminding ourselves that it really did happen and that’s where the movie came out of and then the series. So yeah, when we’re wrapped up in the shooting of it all and storyline and all that, I forget that we are doing something that was based off of a true story, which is interesting.

Absolutely. The storyline is so enticing. What do you think audiences will really like about it?

Well I think that especially for Lifetime, it’s definitely a little bit edgier and grittier than some of the stuff that they might have been doing in the past. I mean I think one thing people are going to like–there’s something for everyone. Men that don’t watch Lifetime will now have a reason to watch. [Laughs] But then for the ladies, there are a lot of gorgeous half-clothed men in the spa and a lot of great relationships going on.

A great ‘soap’ factor in the sense that there’s a lot of nighttime drama. You’re finding out all these secrets people are keeping. You manage a balancing act of having a real down to earth life with children and family and then hiding these secrets from them. It’s sort of like the decision a mother has to make and has to decide what to do. It’s not an easy decision to make that you’re going to do that for money but she doesn’t really have a lot of options. She feels really lost and at her wits end. So I think a lot of people will really enjoy that aspect.

Did you get a chance to see the film before working on the show?

No, I didn’t see it before I auditioned and at the beginning of the audition process, no one mentioned to me the chaos of it all and that there was a movie first. I sort of found that out midway through and then I was engrossed in the testing and auditioning so I didn’t really get a chance to watch it at that point. But I did watch it afterward.

What’s your character Lacey like? You play Riley Park’s best friend, played by Hewitt.

Yeah, I play her best friend and it’s really great. We have really lovely chemistry and we’ve sort of become great friends off camera as well, which I think really helps the chemistry. Lacey is amazing. She’s really fun and I tend to feel like Lacey gets to become sort of like the comic relief to the show, which is awesome. She’s sort of the ditsy voice of reason sometimes, too. It’s interesting and great to play that. I play her best friend and I’m married to the wonderful and lovely Greg Grunberg who will show up at some point and we have really great chemistry. He’s a trucker and always on the road so we have an interesting dynamic relationship.

Do you have a sense of when Lacey may find out about Riley’s secret? How do you think your character would react?

I guess as the story unfolds and the season goes on but at this point nobody knows what’s going on with her. A lot of us are suspecting things because things will come out at different episodes that’ll be a bit of a red flag like, ‘How did she do that? How did she pay her mortgage in cash? How could she be doing that well at a massage parlor?’ So there will be little red flags.

I don’t know or think Lacey would be really open to it. I mean you are talking about Texas, Christians, small-minded people in a sense. They haven’t seen a lot of craziness in the outside world of their small town. So I think that would be something–if Lacey is to find out–that would be really difficult for her because if you have the great love of a friend who you’ve had a relationship with for years and years, and have seen everything this would be like a major bump in the road. I’m not sure that she would be pretty open to it, but then I’m not sure how you would walk away from a 20- something year relationship.

Norman Buckley jumped on to direct, right?

Yeah, Norman Buckley was one of our amazing guest directors that came in. We have a new director every episode. But we just worked with him. I think it was on episode 106. He is unbelievable and he’s got a great teen audience that he tried to introduce us all to via Twitter because some of us are new twitter-ers! He was a joy to work with. What a sweet guy!

What’s been one of your favorite moments on set so far?

I mean, every moment is great, you know? Jennifer’s got a gorgeous voice in addition to being an amazing producer and actress. So we’re always singing and goofing off. There’s lots of behind the scenes laughter and joking and not being able to keep a straight face. And Cybill’s amazing, too. She’s a real character and I mean that in the best way. She’s a real joy to be around. And Colin’s [Egglesfield] great. He’s a lovely hot dude who’s also really fun. So, those are really the only people who I have an opportunity to work with on a regular basis. We’ve just been having a lot of fun in getting to know each other and getting to know the characters we’re playing and it’s really fun.

Do you have any plans on watching the show together on Sunday?

Yeah! Absolutely. I am definitely going to watch it with Love. We’re going to be doing some live tweeting during the airing of the show, which will be fun. I think we’re just going to have a handful of people at her home and watch it together for the big premiere, which we hope will be successful.

I definitely think it will! Looking forward to seeing it myself.

Well, thanks. We hope so! I hope people are ready for it and I don’t mean that in any negative way. I love Lifetime television and it’s wonderful but it’s something that’s a little off form from what they’re generally known for. Hopefully it will attract the audience off of mere curiosity alone.


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