‘American Reunion’ Interview: Rebecca Field Chats Love For Franchise, Recalls Pranks On Set


High School reunions can be quite painful for some to attend but for five guys that once made a pack to lose their virginity on prom night, a moment together again could be nothing more than memorable and very appealing to the audiences watching. American Reunion is finally here and just like when you walk in to grab your nametag, nostalgia hits you quicker than any apple pie could.

From Nadia’s sex tape, gluing oneself to a porn video and those Stifler mom jokes, Jim, Stifler, Oz, Kevin and Finch have a few more laughs to make before cutting the last piece of pie.

As a franchise that’s made a lasting impression on teenagers everywhere, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to think that fans would have loved the chance to be involved somehow. Just ask actress Rebecca Field. As a fan of American Pie when it first debuted in 1999, the experience now in getting to act alongside those characters was nothing less than amazing. In Reunion she plays Loni, a woman who went to high school with the gang, and is now reintroduced by Stifler.

As a longtime fan of Field since her role on October Road, talking to her about her upcoming projects was like describing a reunion itself. It was memorable, exciting and worth the wait.

So, what was it really like coming into a franchise like American Reunion for the first time? “Oh boy,” she started telling me. “Honestly it couldn’t have been more exciting because those movies came out at a time where I could obviously go see R-rated movies. So it actually felt a bit surreal to know, ‘Oh my God, all the original cast is coming back and I’m actually going to be on the big screen in a film with them.’ It was very surreal and exciting, but very intimidating as well.”

Getting to head back and forth to Atlanta during the summer of filming could be nothing more than entertaining, especially with a cast that’s known to goof off over the years. After all, there’s nothing like a fart app to keep the day moving. “Jason Biggs is hilarious and there were always jokes. At the time there was a fart app he was loving on the phone. So he was having that going at all times and then sometimes you didn’t know if it was really him or the app,” she laughed. Oh, it gets better. “They do a lot of tapping the privates and running. Just typical boy stuff. It’s like they reverted right back to being in high school or the first time they were all together playing when they were so young. So it was really fun to watch that chemistry reignite immediately upon them getting back together. It was like a day hadn’t gone by.”

As luck would have it, Field actually got to work the most with her favorite character–the raunchy and crude Stifler. “There’s a point where they’re going through their yearbook and reminiscing and he’s bringing up people he knew in high school, and then you’re introduced to me. I end up showing up at a party that he has at his house. They’re all hilarious in their own way but Stifler was such a douche that how could you now love him?” she laughed. “I mean he’s the most loveable douche that ever lived on a movie screen. So that was who I was more drawn to and then luckily that’s who my scenes were with so it couldn’t have been cooler. Sean William Scott is maybe by far the nicest human being that’s ever landed on the face of the Earth. He’s so sweet.”

Field has done a bit more television than film, but it doesn’t matter the medium. “I know its cliché but I’m really lucky to do this at all because I’ve wanted to do this as a child. Television is a lot faster so you get instant gratification.” She’s only done a few indies but “I think it is just as rewarding and exciting for different reasons.”

This weekend alone Rebecca’s kept busy with this fourth installment and the big premiere of her new Lifetime series The Client List. Playing the best friend to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character and her secret life is intriguing and worth the watch. It airs tonight at 10 p.m.!


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